New Banner

Okay, I made my new banner, but I'm not sure if I'm liking it. Give me some feed back, and be honest. I really want to know how it looks. You can't hurt my feelings, believe me! LOL.
P.S. If you didn't notice that picture was from the park. I was waiting to do my banner until I could get a picture of water that I took myself, LOL.
Well. Tata for now.


30 Days Of Fall + Day 27

Winter is officially upon us.... I think. LOL. Taking the kids out to play was so much fun! We got to watch the snowfall.

Watch the snow cover the trees, and it was fantastic. Of course all our fingers, toes, and faces were freezing.
Look, we even made a snowman. It was so fun! This is just one of my favorite parts of snow falling on the ground, making snowmen. Yes... this one doesn't have a face or arms, but thats ok. The next one will, LOL. Enjoy your snowy Thanksgiving!


Wii FIT!

La Petite Chic is doing a giveaway for a Wii Fit. Go to her blog and get involved. She will be announcing the winner on December 5th, so hurry on over. Don't waste any time, this is a Wii fit people!!!!!


Singing Away

Jeremy and I hosted a birthday party for our friend Tim at our house. His girlfriend, Brittany, put it all together at our place. We were having so much fun making music, well, the guys were. I was just video taping it, LOL. Tim is the one with the guitar, Jeremy is singing, and Jon (Jeremy's video game buddy) is playing the tambourine..Aka: Keys. I hope it makes you laugh like it did me. Also, for those of you that watch the office maybe you can guess what song they are singing and from what episode. LOL. WOoT!


30 Days Of Fall + Day 26

OMG I need to finish up my days of fall, WINTER IS HERE! LOL. Although the official start date of winter isn't until December 21st, so.... I guess that means... I have time. Well... for my 26th day of fall this is what I did...I made pancakes for my Hubby's birthday! I woke up before him, or so I thought, and came into the kitchen and made some scrumptious pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Oh... was it good. And believe it or not this was my first time EVER making pancakes. LOL.
MMMM....Delicioso<--Delicious in spanish! It was a great morning, and Hubby can't wait for his TV on Wednesday! LOL. Toodles Crystal

30 Days Of Fall + Day 25

Friday... YES!!!! THe best day of the week. This Friday was Jeremy's favorite one particular... we went to Best Buy and Jeremy finally got to buy his PLASMA! We have to wait until Wednesday to pick it up, but he is so excited. It's for his birthday, tomorrow, and for Christmas.
When we went to Best Buy we met our favorite niece and her daddy there, it's Baby Blue! Her mommy, Tabitha, flew off to another auto show. And, as you can see, we had fun with "Crystal's Kitty Hat." Baby blue was riding in the cart and asked me to join her, and since my butt is to big to sit next to her I sat in the bigger part of the cart, and we had FUN! Thanks Baby Blue for the laughs!

After Best Buy we went to BD's and it was so yummy because I was hungry! We had lots of fun and now we can't wait for our new TV! 50' plasma! YES! See Ya!!!


30 Days Of Fall + Day 24

Thanksgiving:: A time to give thanks for all the things God has blessed us with. Family, Friends, Husbands, Homes, Clothes, Food on the Table. I am so thankful for all these things and more. God has blessed me and my husband, Jeremy, so much since the beginning of our marriage.
Last night Tabitha and Chris had family over to their home for an early Thanksgiving feast. Because both of them will be gone Thanksgiving week. Tabitha has a car show and Chris, her husband, will be flying out to be with her. SO... last night we got to enjoy Thanksgiving early, it was AWESOME. This means I'll get to have more than ONE Thanksgiving feast, YES!
On our way home I took some more night life pictures. Here is a few I enjoy!
Pretty cool huh?:: I love how this one focus' on the rain drops on the windshield more than whats going on outside. It's greol! (Great+Cool=Gre0l)
This one looks like glow worms are crawling around!
Woah!!! Pretty neeto! LOL.
Well, I'll catch ya'll later.


30 Days Of Fall + Day 23

Lemon-Lime Soda:: That is what we made @ school today! We are learning about the letter L this week, so last night I went to the grocery store and bought all the ingredients necessary to make a Lemon-Lime Soda (Sprite + Sierra Mist)

Soda Water (Sparkling Water)
Apple Juice Concentrate
That is IT!First we squeezed the juice from the lemons + limes. Everyone got a turn and it was so fun. Of course we washed our hands before we started.
We then mixed the sparkling soda in with the lemon and lime juice, then added the thawed apple juice concentrate- mixed all that together in a pitcher and Wa-La, lemon-lime soda.We stuck our finger in the lemon to taste, whooo was it SOUR! Our Finished product... and yes I know... it looks like beer, LOL. We did not make homemade beer, we made Lemon-Lime Soda, but it tasted more like sparkling Juice then Lemon-Lime soda. Oh well... the kids LOVED IT!
I used THIS site to get the measurements correct! We had lots of fun!
I can't wait to find our next recipe!


Contest... PRetty SWEET!

Okay all you twilight lovers and readers. Kat @ Sunshine and Lemonade is having a fantastic giveaway, and if your really into Twilight you will most definitely want to get into this one! Go to her blog and read what it involves and how easy it is to get involved and I'm sure you'll want to get right in there. I'm so excited for the movie release on Friday... I have been waiting and waiting to see it, and I can't wait.
I'm hoping I win this awesome giveaway, we'll see huh!!!

30 Days Of Fall + Day 22

NIght pictures without flash are the coolest!

My favorite one is here!
My inspiration::: Briony :: She takes some great pictures, go check out her blog. IT'S Great!
Well, winter has found it's way to us... you can either love it or hate it. I choose to embrace it! Today anyway! Woot!


Not Me! Monday...

Monday's come around and I just think... "Yes, I get to do another NOT ME Monday." If you haven't done one yet I really think you should. Check out Mckmama at My Charming Kids to find out the rules!! IT's FUN!!

I did not go see the new 007 movie with a BUNCH of people, and I definitely did not enjoy it when I thought I wouldn't. Because I don't assume things like that, nope I don't.

I did not then go to Sonic with my hubby and get food really late. And we definitely did not go to our friends house to then eat this Sonic. NO we did not eat really late because that is not healthy and will not help us lose weight!

I did not go shopping with a friend and say to myself before I left that I wouldn't buy anything. Then, go into the a store and buy jeremy a sweater that he wanted and then I did not buy myself a cool hat!I did not have fun shopping at all.

I did not go over to my sister in laws house and watch a scary movie with her, that wasn't all that scary, and I did not try and teach her dog a new trick!

I did not work with the children at church, and I most definitely did not go to chili's to eat food. And I didn't go to my friends house to watch desperate housewives, and i didn't come home extremely late either.

Well.... that's it for me... check out Mckmama's for some other ladies NOT ME monday!


30 Days Of Fall + Day 21

Just got a cool new hat on Saturday, and I'm loving it. Plus it makes my face and head look smaller, LOL. I think I'm liking that. LOL. Ah well... While I was out I got Jeremy something too, a sweater with fur in the inside. Okay, not real fur it's the fake stuff, but he says it keeps him really warm. Alright, that's exactly what I wanted! Go me!!!!
Hope all you blogger peeps are having a grand O' Monday, I know I am!!!


30 Days Of Fall + Day 20

Awhile back I took this picture of one of our youngsters playing. And at first glance this picture can really bring tears to your eyes. I want to come up with a name for this photo, so maybe ya'll can help me... I won't have any prizes to give away this time... but I would really like your help! So... CAN YOU HELP ME?
*Thank you to Nolan, for being my inspiration + his mom, Veronica, for allowing me to post this picture! YOU ROCK!


THey Love Me... They Really Love Me...

Or at least KDLOST does! Girl, you rock! Thank you for this fantastic award. I accept!
Right back at ya!!!!
There a few people I would like to pass this award on too. Because I enjoy their blogs, and I think they do an awesome job keeping it up, and keeping the people entertained. First, I'll start off with Tabitha @ Fresh Mommy, Briony @ Todays Daybreak Tomorrows Horizon, Melody @ Pennies In My Pocket, and last but not least Amy @ The Relentless Bride. You all deserve it for your awesome blogs! Great work!


I'm Gonna Miss This

It's week 10 of Your Gonna Miss This... Moment, but my first time. Pam started this fun little meme, play along, I think you'll enjoy it!!!
For my first YGMT moment I would have to say I'm going to miss... hot weather, and sandy beaches...

Hubby and I got married in Hawaii, and it was the most wonderful experience in my life. I can't wait for another trip to Hawaii. But, another trip to Hawaii could never compare to this trip. Our Wedding!
I love you Jeremy!


30 Days Of Fall + Day 19

Jeremy and I were sitting on the couch and he asked if I would give him a pedicure, so, after filing his nails and such. I then suggested that I paint one of his toe nails blue. And he said yes, LOL. SO, here it is, his one blue toe nail. I was laughing so hard, it was hilarious! LOL. See, you can see it from the picture, it's funny! By the way, he still has it painted on after 2 days, LOL.


Not Me Monday...

Thanks McMama for Not Me! Mondays...

I did not have fun at my spa day! I did not enjoy getting a facial, it did not feel good, and it did not refresh my skin on my face! I most definitely did not enjoy getting my back massage while I laid naked on a table. I did not like soaking my feet in a tub of water, and have some lady give me a little foot massage, then having her paint my toe nails purple. I did not do that. I most certainly did not enjoy getting my hair done all pretty!

I did not have a friend over on Saturday to watch a scary movie, and we definitely did not go to the store to get junk and we did not eat it while we watched the movies. We did not have to put in a happy movie because the scary movie was just way to scary.

I did not sleep in until 11:00 AM on Saturday morning because I stayed up late waiting for Hubby to come home.

I did not put baby blue to bed Sunday night, and I did not enjoy saying a goodnight prayer with her, and did not enjoy rocking her and putting her into her bed. NOpe, I did not enjoy that!

I did not wake up this morning sleepy because this weekend I did not go to bed extremely late!

Well... Thats all for my NOT ME's. What do you got?



Remember When....

I posted a while back about how Hubby and I do not have a CD player in our Jeep any longer. You can read it HERE. I thought I would take the time NOW to elaborate! Well, let me first start off by saying that it was in August, and the day of my birthday. We had gone to church and went to my parents house for a small party for my birthday! After that Jeremy and I decided to go see a movie with a couple of friends. I can't remember the movie we saw though, so don't ask me. While we were inside watching this movie, some jerks were outside stealing our CD player, Jeremy's amp, Jeremy's broken sunglasses, my birthday gift someone from church got me, my brand new Camera Jeremy and I got the day before for me for my birthday, and 2 boxes of kleenex that we had bought earlier. That's right, Kleenex. LOL. Can you believe that!! That's when surprised us the most, they took the boxes of kleenex. LOL. We were laughing about that, of course after I cried about it, and Jeremy just sat. LOL.Here is what it looked like after they ripped that piece off! LOL
So, we called the police, they came and took information and then they took our console thing because it had fingerprints from when they ripped the plastic peice to rip out our CD player. They actually did get fingerprints off of it, but NO matches in their system, so that sucks. LOL.
But, NOW, I have my camera... No, not the one that got stolen... Jeremy and I saved money for another one.
So... now, Jeremy and I are saving for a Plasma tv. Mostly for Jeremy... because he really wants one! LOL!
Catch Ya'll later!



30 Days Of Fall + Day 18

Jeremy got out our money we have been saving for a plasma, and he was having a little tooooo much fun with it! LOL. I love this guy!