Camera + Faces = Photoshoot

Family photo shoots can be so much fun, especially when the family has a lot of bubbly and fun personalities.  Oh... Did I mention I'm related to them?

This last shot is my favorite shot of the day! Why you ask?  Well because it REAL LIFE! It's such a candid shot.  The only one's looking at the camera is Baby Oakley and Grandma Sharon.  Hey, at least the baby is staring at the camera.
Great shots of a beautiful family!

What one is your favorite shot?

 photo crystalb.png

First Pumpkin

After we picked out the perfect pumpkins it was time to carve them.  Although, Corbin is a little too young to carve a pumpkin, so we painted his.  He was so excited and focused on painting it too.  As you can see he got a little bit of paint on his arm but that was accident.  Otherwise this was the cleanest paint job I've ever seen a 17 month old complete.  Most the time they get paint all over their bodies, face, hair, any where they can touch.  But not my little guy.  And after painting for a few minutes he started touching the end of the paint brush but he freaked a little once he realized what happened when he touched it.  As you can see from his BIG cheesy smile, he really enjoyed being creative.  He will now walk up to his finished pumpkin with so much pride in his work.  So adorable!


Check out the video I got of Corbin painting his first pumpkin!
Corbin's First Pumpkin from Crystal Barancik on Vimeo.

What did you do with your pumpkins?

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