Vacation: Part 3

This has been one of the most relaxing vacations I've ever taken. And I didn't have to leave my home. I still enjoy a good getaway, but this getaway has been the best so far. A few things I've been able to enjoy are my husbands company, my little brother visiting with us for a couple of days, a beautiful day at the beach, taking my time to get up and go about my day, and laying in my bed just watching a movie or playing a video game on our PSP. You heard me, I play games. Jeremy bought a PSP recently and he's barely played it and that's because I always have it in my fingers. He's created a MONSTER! It's horrible, but I enjoy it very much. Does that make sense?
One of the things I did on my vacation was spend some time with my little nephew, my 2 little brothers, and my mom. We all took my little nephew to the Children's Museum in Flint. It's a great hands on museum for children. They love it. Tristan was all over the place. We could barely keep tabs on him and there were three of us watching him. Or three of us playing with him.

Tristan was learning how to properly brush your teeth, a very important skill.

We were dressing up and Tristan LOVED it.

This mirror made us look funny, I just had to take a picture.

Driving the submarine through the ocean. :)
We all had so much fun. Tristan did not want to leave. He was crying his eyes out, but we had to go and he calmed down after a few mins. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

I enjoyed my weekend, it was just what I needed. That's for sure.

Happy Friday!


Vacation: Part 2

I love going to the beach. Not necessarily swimming in the lake, but laying out in the sun, sticking my feet in the cool water. Jeremy and i picked up my little brother, Michael, and took him to the beach for the day. We did go swimming but we didn't spend a lot of time in the water. Once I told Jeremy there were leeches in the sea weed he was done. :P
We were at the beach for a good 3 hours and Jeremy didn't put on any sun block so you can imagine how red he got. He actually got some blisters on his shoulders, so he's learned his lesson.
I still don't have my camera back, but Jeremy snapped a picture of me at the beach.

Pretty good quality for an iPhone don't ya think?
I've really been enjoying my vacation this week. I've been doing a lot and getting a lot done. ;) Yay ME!
Enjoy your Thursday!


Vacation: Part 1

While I'm on my vacation I decided to do somethings around the house I wouldn't normally care to do because of my busy schedule. A few days ago I decided I was so over our dining room set. I don't like that the cloth is falling apart on one or that the color is not what I want anymore. As this is all going through my brain I landed on this thought, "Buy new fabric and re do it myself." What a great way to have "new" furniture without spending a bus load of cash. This morning I woke up and decided today was the day, I ate my breakfast, put on my sandals and went out to JoAnn's Fabrics. Of course I tried looking online for a printable coupon first, but didn't find one. They do have great online coupon codes, but I wanted my fabric NOW. Today was when I felt like doing all this hard work. I wasn't going to let waiting for the fabric in the mail keep me from completing my goal. Oh NO!
It took me a little longer then expected to find the right fabric. I'm glad Jeremy didn't come with me, he'd be rushing me to get out of there. When I found the fabric right for me I went and had it cut, paid for it, then came right home to begin my new project.

Please forgive the quality of these photos. They were taken with my iPhone since mine is still in the shop.

The fabric before was a cream color. I chose a black flower pattern. I'm sure I'll want to change it again soon. But no worries, it was so easy.

What should I do next?


iHeartfaces:: PURPLE

How creative can you get with the color PURPLE! Since I've been without my camera for the last two weeks and counting I haven't been able to take any new pictures. :( But going through my pictures I found this shot with PURPLE in it. Wooo HooO!

She is sooo cute!

You know what you should do. Go to iHeartfaces and check out all the other PURPLE entries.

Sunday Citar

Siblings-the definition that comprises love, strife, competition and forever friends.
-Bryon Pulsifier

Even though I look pretty chunky in this picture I love it. I love my brothers. Even Michael who isn't pictured here. :)\

Have a great week!


I'm Naked!

I have been without my camera for almost a week now and I feel naked. I don't like it! Why am I with out my camera? Well... I decided that I needed to drop my camera. Not really, it was a complete accident. I did it at my family reunion and the lens was the only problem. I was so worried that I wasn't going to be able to get it fixed right away because I wasn't sure if we got a protection plan on my camera and lenses. I had to wait a whole day before I went searching around for the protection plan papers and guess what? I FOUND IT, and I read that I have a 4 year protection plan on it. You would not believe how excited I was to read that. It still took me a couple of days to make it to Best Buy because of our busy schedule lately. Since my lens was the only broken thing I was hoping that was all they needed to take. But... the lens that broke was the kit lens that came with the camera so they had to send the camera body and the lens out. I really really really didn't want to have to part from my camera for 3 whole weeks, possibly a little longer. But, if I wanted to get my lens fixed I had too. After I thought about it I realized it's really a good thing because they said they would check the body of the camera to make sure there wasn't any damage. So I'm okay with not having my camera for a little bit.

Your probably wondering how I broke my lens... and if your not I'm going to tell you anyways. We were at my family reunion a couple Saturday's ago and I had been doing a good job keeping the camera strap around my neck because I had been getting up and down a lot. That was the whole reason I put the camera strap on my camera, because I can be forgetful and didn't want to set the camera in my lap and then forget and stand up and plop on the floor goes my camera. Even though that was the reason for my strap, I didn't use it this one time after it was handed back to me and I stood up a few minutes later and PLOP goes my camera. Landed right on the lens. At first it was letting me take pictures but I couldn't focus the lens, it was stuck. So then I thought I'll just put it away and look at it later. After setting it back in the camera bag my husband asked to see it. When I took it out of the bag I heard a rattling noise. My first thought was, "OH NO, what was that?" I removed the lens and sure enough one of the most important pieces broke off. Ask me what that piece is I don't know, but what I do know is that piece was important because it helps make the lens work properly.

Seeing how I DON'T have my camera I can't take a picture of the broken lens. :) instead I'll show you a few of the last pictures I took with my camera, before it decided to commit suicide.

He's so cute isn't he.

I can not wait to get my camera back. I hope it's sooner then they said it would be. I'm getting all antsy in my pantys.



Summer... my most favorite season of the year. Why you ask? I'll tell you why, because I can wear my cute sandals and show a little leg... *whistle. This summer I've been wearing a lot of skirts, which is new but I like it. You know what else I love about summer? Cute little girls in adorable little sunglasses.

See what I mean...

I was thinking about how many pictures i take of the children I work with everyday. Can you imagine how many pictures I'll take of my own children? A LOT! My computer will probably exploding with pictures, and probably most that I won't ever use, but I'll want to keep just in case.

I had to share this one too... Aren't you so glad I shared this? I know you are.

Well, I need to be heading to bed now... I hope you all had a great Tuesday. Mine was very busy and eventful!


iHeartfaces:: Over Head

This cutie pie is my nephew, and he actually left that hat on long enough for me to take a picture of him. Wasn't that so nice of him? :)

At iHeartfaces this week the category is Over Head, it can be a picture of a hat, balloons flying over head, etc. Just make sure there is a face in the shot so you don't get disqualified. While your there check out other entries. You won't regret it I promise.

Enjoy your week!


Family Reunion

Family means so much to me. It always has and always will. We've had family get togethers weekly about as far as I can remember. But this specific family gathering included a lot more than the usual numbers. We had family we haven't seen in forever come and join us. It was awesome and amazing to see and meet people that I am related too.


I discovered I have a 2nd cousin that resembles me in some ways. Along with celebrating family we celebrated my grandpa's 80th birthday.

My grandpa is the best. In the picture he was saying poo poo. And we're not sure exactly why, but he did. :)

We had lots of games and entertainment...

These two were our entertainment. We were all sitting in our lawn chairs around these two while they played in a big bowl of water. It sounds weird but it was hilarious. Plus I think they both liked all the attention.

And as the sun went down we rounded the troops for a bonfire. We made sticky gooey s'mores and my cousins husband brought his guitar and played some tunes for us. It was awesome. A real bonfire experience! We ended not leaving until 1:30 AM. Way to late for a Saturday night. Jeremy and I are usually in bed by at least 10:00 PM. Needless to say we napped the next day.

This was my first Family Reunion. I hope we do it again soon.


iHeartfaces:: Fix-It-Friday


iHeartfaces Edits

I made it, it's still Friday and I got my edits done.

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4th Of July: Part 2

Being in the parade was awesome. I've done it 2 years in a row and just love it. Even though I always sweat so much and get nice and sticky from the sweat. :P Here are just a select few pictures of our parade experience.

4th Of July 2010

Matt (my brother) and his wife, Ashlee came.

4th Of July 2010

And of course there adorable son, Jude, was there with his red balloon. He's adorable!

4th Of July 2010

Jeremy and Matt are good friends, so of course they were being obnoxious together. Well, mostly my brother. He's just an obnoxious person. :P

4th Of July 2010

My newest nephew was there with his mommy, Tabitha (From Fresh Mommy blog) and he did so good. He walked through the whole thing strapped to his daddy.

4th Of July 2010

My adorable niece, Aliyah was there as well. She enjoyed throwing the candy out to all the children. We all had lots of fun at the parade. We saw people we knew and met new people as well. :P

I hope eveeyone enjoyed their 4th of July! I know i did! :)


4th Of July: Part 1

We had the parade on Saturday and it was so much fun.
Here is a shot we got of me inside this HUGE tire from a tractor. It was AWESOME!

4th Of July

Hope you enjoyed your 4th of July!


CuteNESS All Around

I am the luckiest Aunt alive. I have LOTS of Niece's and Nephew's, so although I don't have any children of my own I get to spend lots of time with my Niece's and Nephews.
Tristan, is always the silliest. He corporates with us... well, most of the time he does. One day during dinner Tristan decides he's going to grab Grandma's glasses, so we helped him put them on. He only had them on for a few minutes... but long enough for me to snag this shot. :P

He's adorable! Anyway...


Enjoying Life

I really do enjoy blogging about my life. Sharing my experiences with those of you that read it, and learning new things. Lately I've had an itch to take more pictures. But I haven't... shame on me, I know. I just need to get up grab my camera and go out there. And the thing is, I don't want to take a specific picture, just take pictures. I need to just DO IT. This weekend is going to be a busy one. I'm hoping I can find time to take a nap... I mean take pictures. Maybe today!

Since this weekend is the 4th of July our church is participating in the Independence Day Parade. We did it last year and it was the hottest longest walk I had ever taken. It was a long trail but what made it take a long time was that we had to walk slow, hello it's a parade. We handed out candy, cause you can't throw it anymore, I think there were too many candy injuries when people would throw the candy out to the eager children waiting to pounce on the candy that landed in front of them. But instead of landing in front of them it would land on them.
These are some pictures from last year. Jeremy and I didn't walk with our church, but the Learning Zone Preschool had a big group walking in the parade as well. So we tagged along with them. :P

4th of July Parade

4th Of July 2009

Here are just a few shots from last years parade. It was so much fun.
Although it will be a busy weekend and we'll probably sweat our butts off tomorrow in the parade, I'll enjoy myself.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend.