Better Late Than NEVER.... Right?

Yes, it's a few days late, but better late than never... week in instagrams.


•Corbin helping daddy at work.
•Little baby feet are the best
•Couldn't resist using this photo as my background for my phone, makes me smile every time
•Morning smiles, this happens EVERY morning.
•Tristan wearing some funny safety glasses.
•Corbin's first time playing with a rattle, and as you can see he loved putting it in his face.
•First trip at Sagano's, my brother Michael enjoyed it with us.

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3 Months

Can you believe our little squirt is 3 months old.  Time really does fly by when you start having kids.  I truly can not believe Corbin is 3 months, It seems just yesterday we were carrying a 7lb baby home from the hospital.  I saw a photo the other day of a mother holding her newborn baby, I seriously had tears in my eyes because my little Corbin is not a newborn any more.  Then I thought, why am I already crying about this.
Happy 3 months baby boy!


Slow down buddy!

A few other shots I got...




Hump Day Dump... Detroit River and Sunsets

I made it... I made it... I actually made my post on WEDNESDAY!  I've been extremely busy going back to work full time, and juggling house work, taking care of baby, and making sure I have everything I need for work.


•I can not and will never get over how cute that little face is.
•Tristan and I found this huge boulder on a walk we took.  Of course we had to sit in it.
•The beautiful scenery we experienced on the Detroit Princess on the Detroit river.
•The fire, fake of couse, that was in the limo ride.
•Little Bella boo.
•Play time with friends.  While watching Bella and Jayden we made lots of messes and had fun.
•Micah and Corbin hanging out!
•All the desserts that my co-workers got for me to enjoy
•Jeremy and I on the Detroit Princess
•My cubicle at work celebrating my 25th Birthday, oh gosh I'm old.

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Hump Day Dump

A weekly tradition over at Fresh Mommy Blog, dumping all your instagram photos from the past week into a collage.  I've been faithful in posting 2 weeks in a row.  Lets hope I can keep this up. :)


*We got to watch a pie eating contest at Taste Of Fenton, a community event where surrounding restaurants offer small bites of their best dishes.  Needless to say we enjoyed a few things.  
*Little Sophia holding baby Cordin (yes I spelt that with a D instead of a B, because little Sophia turns the B into a D) and Ethan poking his head in on the fun.
*Skyping with Aunt Brittney, Corbin wanted to say hi! Plus, momma wanted some face time with her best friend
*Daddy playing with Corbin.  I love watching these two together. Jeremy is such a great daddy, I can't wait to see what kind of trouble they will get into when Corbin is older.
*Corbin's many facial expressions.  I'm so glad I get to capture them.
*We love going to birthday parties and this one just happened to be a batman themed party.  So much fun!

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Hump Day Dump

I know it's technically Thursday, but I still wanted to share my photos!:)
Tabitha over at Fresh Mommy Blog started this up and you can still get involved this week or just wait until next weeks. :)



August Break

August Break 2012 

Joining in on the fun over at Susannah Conway's Blog

rocking baby

Love rocking my baby boy to sleep!!! 2.5 months old!