iheartfaces:: WATER

Water:::: Summer's best friend!

My niece Aliyah in her make ship pool.:) This girl can have fun with anything!!!

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There have been a few changes these past few months in our lives, some good, and some maybe not so good.
For starters....

1. Our "roommate" got married and moved all the way to Atlanta... which I'm over the top excited for her, but sad they moved so far away.

We were having too much fun at her wedding. :P

2. We've moved from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 1 bedroom apartment... which will save us a pretty good amount of money a month.

3. I've started a new job... and I LOVE IT! I am not working at a daycare anymore, but that's okay. I'm doing something completely different. But still enjoying it. It's a similar job to a Pharmacy Tech, except I'll be doing it over the phone for a specialty pharmacy and I'll be working towards my Pharmacy Tech certificate. I'm super excited to see where this job takes me. :)

Sometimes life throws you curve balls, you just got to catch them and throw them back!! BAM!

I hope life isn't throwing you curve balls all over the place. But make sure you catch them and throw them back!!!

HOpe everyone's MOnday was mondaylicious!


iheartfaces::Summer Fun

When you think of summer fun what comes to your mind? Beach days? Volleyball games? or maybe S'mores? For me when I think of summer fun I think of my niece, Aliyah. This girl knows how to have fun in the summer, even when her pool is out of service. This girl decided to have her own kind of summer fun....

See what I mean? SO MUCH SUMMER FUN going on here. She even had her swimming goggles. :)

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Sunday Citar: Frogs

This little itty bitty frog was adorable. My niece Aliyah is so cute, she kept this frog in a bucket for a little while, but don't worry, we were able to free the frog before it was too late for the little guy. ;)

“I'd kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs.”
-Cameron Diaz

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Red, White, And BLUE

This 4th of July season we spent time with Tab from Fresh Mommy and her family. We had lots of fun and laughs. Starting from an awesome yummy cook out to the amazing fire work show that our men put on for us ladies. The weather was so nice for us and because their pool was out of order this is what we had to keep ourselves cool from the weather...

Although the adults didn't play in the water Aliyah sure had fun with it. :)

Sophia had lots of fun in the water too, but then she decided to sit and relax in the shade with her mama!

After much enjoyment in the "pool" Aliyah did some swinging in the trees. And of course Aunt Crystal had to help her get high enough on the branch to keep her butt from smacking the ground. :)


While playing in the grass Aliyah found a tiny itty bitty frog! It was so cute!!!!

When night time came around we whipped out the sparklers and fireworks!!

Our 4th of July celebration was so fun, and I'm glad we were able to spend it with family. :)

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July, I know I did.


Happy Birthday America!

(I took this last night of our own special show of fireworks!)

Be safe everyone!!