Finally Had A Reception

Last Saturday was so nice.  We worked real hard preparing for Saturday on Friday.  I ended up getting the whole day off on Friday and took the whole day getting ready for the reception.  I really started on Sunday, when I went shopping with my mother to get supplies.  I decided as we were shopping that I wanted to make party favors for everyone to take home.  I saw fondue chocolate packages, heart molds, and favor boxes, and knew I wanted to melt chocolate, and mold it into hearts.  
It took a long time to make them, but I still enjoyed it.  The one thing I didn't really enjoy was putting ribbon on 190 boxes.  OMG that took a long time.  The end result....

Tabitha helped by stacking them into a nice square pyramid.  I loved the end result, totally worth all that time.  I also added some small sugary candies along with the sugary hearts, just to add a little more to the boxes.  
The actual student center, (one of the areas in our church), looked so tropical.  It couldn't have been done with out my mom, Jeremy's mom, and some wonderful ladies from our church.  They helped so much, and I loved the end result. 
So a big THANKS to you all.


EMwoman Community

Today i found out that I am the SUPER EMwoman of the week. And I thought to myself, "what an honor." It seems I'm being recognized for helping a little boy when he was drowning in a pool. Yes, at a baptism we were having children were swimming and this boy inparticular could not swim very well, was told to stay out of the deep end, but did not listen. So, I happened to see him struggling and jumped into the water, yup, and with all my clothes on, LOL. A very scarey moment for this young man, and myself, LOL. Anyways, I feel very honored that I was chosen for the SUPER EMwoman of the week. So thank you to all those who nominated me, your all awesome woman yourselves! Not just because you nominated for me. LOL.
On another note, today was a rather rough day for me. I had to go into work not feeling well at all. I felt sick to my stomach and nothing was making it feel better. And my awesome boss Bethany noticed how I looked and relieved me so I could go rest. Which was well needed, I slept all morning and I felt much better when I woke up. I was able to eat food with out it upsetting my stomach, YES. And move around and stand up with out feeling sick. So, all in all today was a pretty good day. Towards the end of it, LOL. Well, I'm going to head into the bed room now. I should really start working on the school newsletter. Which needs to be done by Friday, LOL. Maybe I'll do a little of that, LOL.


Picture Perfect

I started a "discussion" on emwoman community, ( Check it out, and basically we are doing photo assignments weekly. And it's just a fun way to have fun with photography and show others your work. And our first assignment was chosen by Toni, an awesome woman. She suggested we take pictures of nick nacks around the house, or some decoration someone might have. Well, Jeremy and I have just moved in so I'm still getting things settles and such. So I took this pictures and edited it a bit, changed the color and had a little fun with it. I'm just trying to decide if this is the one I want to do it with. LOL. Not a hard decision I'm sure. Just thought I would share my NOW thoughts. Catch Ya Later!

Video GAMES!?

I don't get video games. LOL. I mean ones that people can play for 5 hours. Wait, maybe it's not the video games I don't get, maybe it's the people that CAN play them for like 5+ hours. LOL. And one of those "people" is my wonderful husband.
Jeremy playing his video games! LOL
If I let him, he would play video games all day. Well, maybe not all day, but at lease 5 hours of it. LOL. But, me honestly, I could probably stand to play ANY video game for about 30 mins. Yeah, thats about it. Except one game, Guitar Hero, I have been known to play that one for at lease an hour. Maybe, possibly more, but my eyes always feel weird at the end. LOL
On another note, Jeremy and I are getting ready for our wedding reception. Yes, We got married and didn't have our reception, thats only because we got married in Hawaii and not a ton of our family and friends were present for this occasion. So we decided after we got settled we would plan a reception in MI with all our Family and Friends. We are having it catered with finger foods, and it won't be a traditional reception. We won't be doing dancing, we will have a slideslow/video of our wedding playing in the background. We will however, wear our clothes we got married in. SO, thats coming up here in a couple of weeks. I'm pretty excited about that. Which reminds me I need to go get some postcard stamps for the rest of the invites that HAVE to be mailed out.
I've been getting into photography again, as posted in above blog, and I have been taking pictures like crazy, specially at work, since I'm there for the majority of the day. The kids are loving it too. They will sit and pose for me and have big cheesey smiles on their faces. They are the best models for me.
Jeremy is finishing up his game, and I'm going to finish up this blog. So I must say Good night!!! :)

Beautiful Walks

Today I took a walk with my husband. I took my camera I just got for my birthday with me. It's so nice to be able to walk outside and enjoy it. I had lots and lots of fun taking pictures of him, and the scenery, but mostly him. He is such a good model for me. LOL.
I so enjoy the moments Jeremy and I spend together. We jus
t got married a little over 3 months ago, but we have been dating for about 5 years before we actually got married. So I know him pretty well. LOL. I just started getting into taking pictures again. I was in high school, I was actually in a photography club, and I really enjoyed it. Except for the fact that I didn't have a very good camera for photography. But, NOW, I have a Nikon D40, which I would say is a pretty good start.

When we were taking our walk I took thes
e photos.

Red leaves in the midst of all this green. Caught my eye!

I just love how the wire looked on this tree, and making it black and white sets it off, for me.

I just love how the sun is shining from the edge of the clouds. I would call this a silver lining.


I do enjoy editing picture as well as taking them, so I have created these banners in the past and can't wait to make more.




Crystal Clear Photography


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I've found passion working with children and have been working at Learning Zone Preschool since they first opened their doors. One of the many things I enjoy about children is the silly things they say. There are so many things that have been said at work that I am almost ready to write my book. The moment I collect enough quotes you'll find a book on the shelves so you can enjoy what I have been the last few years. I'll keep you updated about the book.

Along with working with children, I've discovered a passion for photography and editing pictures. I received a Nikon D40 for my birthday and have been clicking away every since. You can find a lot of my work here. Or click HERE and it will guide you to my flickr account. I use Photoshop 2 to edit my pictures and LOVE it. I'm still learning new things everyday about it, and hope to share what I learn with you.