My name is Crystal, I started blogging September 2008 and I am so glad I started when I did. Having this blog keeps family and friends updated on my life, especially when we start having babies (not anytime soon). Our home is in Michigan and we have learned to deal with the sporadicness of the weather we experience here.

I've found passion working with children and have been working at Learning Zone Preschool since they first opened their doors. One of the many things I enjoy about children is the silly things they say. There are so many things that have been said at work that I am almost ready to write my book. The moment I collect enough quotes you'll find a book on the shelves so you can enjoy what I have been the last few years. I'll keep you updated about the book.

Along with working with children, I've discovered a passion for photography and editing pictures. I received a Nikon D40 for my birthday and have been clicking away every since. You can find a lot of my work here. Or click HERE and it will guide you to my flickr account. I use Photoshop 2 to edit my pictures and LOVE it. I'm still learning new things everyday about it, and hope to share what I learn with you.


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