Here I AM!

Wow, way too long between posts.... I feel a pattern here.  I post a few times then there is a long period of time between my posts... what is the deal?  I think sometimes I do this because what I may have to say doesn't matter... or what is going on in my life doesn't matter, but guess what, I don't care. I'm going to do it because I enjoy posting pictures of my family and what activities we do together. And of my little itty bitty baby boy whom I love so dearly.
Since the last post we have welcomed another month of age for Corbin.  He is now 6 months old, I can not believe how old he is getting, and so quickly.


Just in one month our little man has grown a tooth, showed us a little more personality, and dug his way deeper and deeper into our hearts where he will not be able to escape.

6 months

This child is seriously the most adorable thing to make it's way into my life.  These last couple of days have been pretty tough for our little mister.  But now, he is feeling better and since he was acting his old self I decided it would be the perfect time to do a little photo shoot for the Christmas season.

Love those big blue eyes... they melt my heart.


His serious, thinking face.... 
I need to get this kid entered into some competitions, he could seriously beat every other kid out of the park!

Love that baby!
Stay tuned to hear about our great Thanksgiving in Florida.