You Don't Want To Miss This!

I figured I'd get your attention with that one. Jeremy and I have some big news to share with everyone....
WE'RE PREGNANT!!!! Yes... yes... it's true, this is no joke. It's not April 1st right? Okay, I'm being honest this time. After all the times I've pranked about being pregnant, this time, I REALLY AM!
We are so excited!!!!
I really didn't know I was pregnant, I was doing my work outs with Christina on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. I was sore on Wednesday morning from out Monday morning workout, so I skipped it, but went back at it on Friday morning. Which left me extremely sore the WHOLE weekend. Still, not thinking anything of it. Monday rolled around and I ended up skipping our Monday morning workout because, yes I was still extremely sore from Friday morning workout. It was horrible. I went to the grocery store Monday morning and thought, "Hey, I'll just pick up a box of tests and just do one." I was suppose to start that day too, and hadn't yet. Yes I know it was still in the morning and there was a chance I still could have started, but thought I would take one anyway.
When I got home I grabbed one out went to pee on it and I dropped it in the toilet, uh Gross!!! Luckily I hadn't started peeing yet, so the water was still clean and I was able to fish it out. (Don't worry I washed my hands) so I grabbed a new one and got that one right, I set it down (washed my hands, see I told you) and walked out to put some grocery's away. WHen I walked back in I wasn't expecting there to be 2 lines but right there in front of my face were 2 bright red lines (some might say they are pink) my initial reaction was "OMG I'M PREGNANT!" I kept saying it over and over again until I decided I better call Jeremy and tell him.

When I called Jeremy, I'm sure he didn't expect what I was about to drop on him, but when I did his response.... "Are you serious?" And if you know me, you know that I have done plenty of pregnancy pranks in the past few years. Not nice I know, so I think his firs thought might have been is trying to mess with me?
"So i told him, I'm serious, I'm not kidding. I swear." Because I really wasn't .
His next response, "How the heck does that happen? We just decided to start!"
Seriously, we just decided in late August early September to start trying. And that's how easy it was for us. Praise God!
Although, we might have thought it would be at least a few months before we became pregnant God had different plans for us. So here I am, excited to be a mommy and couldn't me more happier.

**Wanna see how we announced it to my mom? Check out this video!!!