A Day At The Orchard

It happened to be one of the most beautiful days we had in October.  The sun was shining and the pumpkins were calling our names.  Okay, they weren't really calling our names, but we had to get Corbin out to the orchard so he can pick his very first pumpkin.  We made our way to Spicers Orchard... enjoyed a free hay ride, picked our favorite pumpkin out of the bunch, and then left with our doughnuts and cider in hand.
Trees changing colors, apple cider, sugary doughnuts, and pumpkins... now this is what I call FALL!

Have you visited the orchard this year?

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It's an Adventure!

In case you you didn't know, I own a camera AND I like to take my camera and venture out in this big world and just take a photo of whatever my little heart desires.  So, Brittney, at Moving Forward Blog, and I did just that a few weeks back, actually maybe a few months back.  We just set out... with camera's in hand and imaginations ready to go to capture anything that might have caught our eyes.  Here a few of my favorite shots of the day.

I have a lot more but I must first take the time to go through them.  What ones do you like?

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It's Late, I know... But still...

Homemade gifts, the best gifts you can give and receive.  With Grandparents day coming close I found a few pins on Pinterest that meshed this homemade gift.  You know when you see a few inspirations and then mesh them together to create something even better than the things you saw separately.  I had to stop at Michaels for a few supplies.

2 Canvas'
1 Can of light blue spray paint
1 Can of yellow spray paint
2 Different colors of paint that don't match the spray paint (I chose to purchase a set with a variety of colors)
Letter Stickers (I chose to purchase different font styles)


After placing the letters on the canvas to my liking I took the canvas' outside  and spray painted each one a different color.  After letting the paint dry I carefully took off each letter showing the font in white.  Then the real fun began... the little man's footprints to complete our project.  The finished product came out just as I had hoped it would.  
We made 2 and both are different colors to go to each set of grandparents.  And they loved it!!!!!

Hand made is the way to go!!!!

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