Clownin Around

Our 4th day in Seattle was a very busy day... at least I felt like it was. We started our day in the lobby of the hotel on our laptops. Since we couldn't get on the internet in our room we went to the lobby.

Then we made our way to Pike’s Market again. We were told that the place is more hopping on the weekend, so on our way we went.

We saw a clown making balloon animals and objects, and we found our way back to the fish market. AND GUESS WHAT! They were throwing fish. Someone ordered some fish so they threw 3 of them. I tried to get photos of them doing that but they didn’t really show up because they were blurry, but it was cool anyway. Tab tried to get video, but they finished throwing the fish before she could get the video.

While at Pike’s Market we saw a beautiful view. Actually more than one.

We found this alley that had little shops it was awesome... we had to get some shots of it.

After coming back from the market we just relaxed in the room and ordered in some dinner. It was a busy but relaxing day. Does that make sense? Well, that’s how I felt.

Last full day in Seattle will be posted in a couple of days! :)


Fun In The City

Sunday Citar

“When you look at a city, it's like reading the hopes, aspirations and pride of everyone who built it.”
-Hugh Newell Jacobson

Visiting the city of Seattle was a great experience. I'm so blessed to have been able to go. There were so many beautiful buildings and interesting ones too. A city that everyone should experience once in there life. :)
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New Places, New Faces

Seattle: Day 3

Spending time in Seattle was so much fun. I love this city. Minus the hills. But, as much as I enjoy this city I couldn't wait to get home to my honey. I was really missing my baby. That was the longest Jeremy and I have been apart since we’ve been married. I could not wait to see him.

But, since I was there I totally took advantage of my time in a new place. Our 3rd day there we spent time at the pool, actually we spent more time in the hot tub. It was very relaxing because my leg muscles had been so sore from those hills. I know I keep talking about the hills but seriously, they kicked my butt. But I guess thats why people in the city look pretty fit... all the walking and the hills. :P
Brayden loved putting his feet in the water.

We found these holes on the edge of the hot tub and when you plugged the spout inside the water it would shoot the water out of the spouts on top.
So Brayden had a fountain surrounding him. :)

After we spent time in the pool area we went back down to our hotel room to get ready for the day. We decided to go to the mall and check out some of the stores. We went into this store called Lush where they make all natural soaps, beauty supplies, lotions, etc. Tab and I decided we would get a Chocolate face mask and hair mask for a spa night. This store is awesome. If you haven’t been in one or checked out their website then do it now. They have amazing items and everyone can find one thing they would love to have. They also have great gift bundles for Christmas or birthday gifts. Seriously, go check them out!
Tab went to work and Brayden and I set out to find me a light coat to wear around. Because silly me didn't bring one, just my heavy coat, which I didn't really need. As we were walking around we found this street performer who was more than happy to let me take some shots of him. He was doing a pretty good job too. Brayden liked it, he was wiggling and dancing all around.

After Tab got back from working her shift we started our spa night.

We cleansed our faces and applied our chocolate face mask, which smelled so yummy. Then we put our hair mask in to help repair our hair. After washing off our hair and face mask we got comfy in bed and watched TV. A nice fun day, which was ended with a nice relaxing evening.


The Market & Starbucks

Seattle: Day 2

Our second day in Seattle was just as fun as our first day. We set on our way to Pikes Market which is like a Flea Market but even cooler.

We were hoping to see them throwing fish to each other, but as we stood by watching they didn't throw one fish. Maybe the guys kept dropping all the fish and wasting them, so they aren't allowed to do it anymore. That's what I think.

So we were a little saddened. But soon found happiness as we went to the very first Starbucks, EVER. It was so cool! They had the original logo on everything.

Tab ordered her drink and they yelled what we ordered and threw the cup to the person who makes the drinks. It was so fun!

After leaving Starbucks and Pike's Market we went hiking back to our hotel room, and I mean hiking. There were so many hills we had to travel up.

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

Oh, I almost forgot about these awesome beautiful flowers we found at Pikes Market. GORGEOUS!



Space In The Needle

Seattle: Day 1

We had so much fun on our first day here in Seattle. We woke up ready for what ever came our way... While Tabitha was working at the Seattle Car Show Brayden and I hung around the hotel. We were getting bored so we went out for a walk. All the beautiful architecture, it was awesome. The weather was perfect, no rain! We walked among tall and very peculiar buildings and they were all sorts of shapes and sizes!

Brayden was being a trooper when we were going for our walk. He was so content.

After our tiring walk we went back to the hotel and spent some time in the coolest lobby ever. There are 3 different sitting areas and took turns in each one. Brayden really enjoyed his freedom to crawl around and talk to new faces. :)

After Tab go out of work we headed out to the Space Needle. It was awesome. We got all the way to the tippy top and saw the most beautiful view.

See what I mean... Beautiful view!

Well... we're on the move..