30 Days Of Summer +Day 20

You know what I don't like? Holes on the knees of my pants. I can't wear pants that have holes to work, but almost all my pants have holes in them because of work. Working with kids I'm always on the floor doing something, whether it's crawling, setting down, or just laying there.(Okay, I really don't just lay there) I always manage to get holes in them. So this weekend I'm finding that I need to go get some pants for work, I'm wearing a pair that barely fit me right now and yesterday the pair I had on were so baggy they were so not helping my butt. Anyone have any good ideas where I can get some jeans that will last me a long time, if there are any out there.
Besides my pants having holes in them, I'm also finding that when I get something knew I tend to want to wear it all the time. It's funny how I do that. Especially when I got a new sweater I totally wore it out until it started tearing at the sleeves and just lookin like it's been worn ALOT! :) Oh well, whatever.
Also, this seat I am sitting in hurts my caboose.
I'm trying to finish my 30 days of summer up before the snow starts to fall. I'm hoping to do that by the end of this week, maybe middle of next week. OH NO... guess what I just remembered.. I forgot to enter a photo in iHeartFaces photo contest this week. I've been so busy I totally forgot to do that yesterday. MAN, and I had a great blue photo... you know what, I'll still share the photo, although it won't count. I just really like it.
The category was BLUE...

Crystal Rae Photography

It's Tristan.. he's much bigger now. You know what, I should get some new pictures of him. I think the last time I took pictures of him was when he was the bathtub, if you didn't see those you should, just click HERE. Adorable.


30 Days Of Summer +Day 19

Jeremy and I heard that at the Courtland Mall there were baby tigers that you could go and get in their cages and PLAY with them. I knew that was something I wanted to experience. I've never touched a live tiger before, be it a baby one or adult. Although, I'm not sure I would ever want to touch a full grown tiger. That would be too freaky. It did cost some money but not alot and we got to spend 8 mins with this little tiger. It was a girl and she had no name because you can adopt them and then name them yourself. Jeremy and I are looking into adopting one, because all the animals they take care of are rescued. It's really awesome what they do. They don't just take care of tigers but monkeys, kangaroos, and lots of other wild animals in need of rescueing. I was extremely excited too because we got to take our camera in and get as many pictures as we wanted. So here are a few I got.

It was an awesome thing... I extremely enjoyed it and was so glad we ended up going. It was fun too because she kept biting my belt on my coat, it was a tiny bit scary because I didn't want her to bite my skin, and/or put a hole in any of my clothes. :)
We also got to go to this guys magic show which we didn't stay and watch, it wasn't a very good magic show. :P

Well... catch ya later.


Sunday Citar & 30 Days Of Summer +Day 18

Family Shoot
*Family shoot I did few weeks ago

"Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts."

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."
~Desmond Tutu

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I just got some of the cutest red shoes... I LOVE THEM. I didn't want to get another pair of plain black high heel shoes again, I already have enough pairs of those. SO I went with these bad boys...

Yeah baby! I wore them to a banquet already and they weren't too bad. The only thing is I should have gotten them 1.2 size to small because 9's, which are my usual size, seem to be a little big. They seem to flip off my feet. But I think it will okay. Normally I would just go return them but these are my 3rd pair I got. I've already return 2 pairs of shoes because I either didn't like them or the size was too small hoping they would magically fit me. :)

I hope eveyone's weekend was a great one. I know mine was. :)



30 Days Of Summer +17

Yeah, summer, it wasn't long enough. Although summer is behind us I would like to attempt to finish my 30 Days Of Summer in hopes to accomplish that. :)

Yesterday was my wonderful mothers birthday. And when I heard her previous birthday celebration plans were canceled I knew we had to do something for her. So, I called my brother and sister in law to plan a surprise. I told her my idea to have Ashlee, my SIL, invite her out for her birthday to Olive Garden (my mom's favorite restaurant) and Jeremy, Matt (my brother), Michael (my youngest brother), and I will be waiting to surprise her. So, yesterday I left work, we picked up Michael who thought he was just coming over to our house to play video games, I had to keep him in the dark because I didn't want him to accidentally spoil the surprise :). After we picked up Michael we headed to Olive Garden and had the table ready to go and everything. When I got there I asked the Hostess if when 2 woman come in with short hair one wearing a blue dress and when they say 2 for Ashlee to bring them back to our table. I did ask her if there were alot of people waiting to be seated if she could wait a few mins before she brings them back, so as to not tip my mom off. We anxiously waited for the hostess to bring them back, we knew they were waiting because Ashlee had texted Matt letting him know that they had arrived. My mom didn't even notice us until she came almost right up to the table, and right when she did she started crying. I knew she would. :) It was awesome because she thought none of her kids were doing anything for her for her birthday. She even told my SIL, "I can't believe none of my kids want to take me out for my birthday with you." So you can imagine how surprised she was. It was AWESOME.
She got to open her gifts, Ashlee and Matt got her a keychain/Locket engraved Grandmother on it. And I picked out an outfit with matching jewelry for her. We had balloons and everything. She is definitly a blessed woman. :)

I would share a picture but didn't think about grabbing my camera to take a shot. :(

But I'll leave with this adorable picture of my little nephew... this would be Matt & Ashlee's adorable little man.

Crystal Rae Photography
He was at the party too..



I bet I caught your attention with the title!!!
No, I'm not pregnant... but my sister-in-law is. Tabitha over at Fresh Mommy and she is one of the cutest pregnant ladies EVER! Don't believe me? Go over there and check out her recent post, she just started a new series, you'll just have to go check it out.
I titled this post babies because I've had lots of family members and friends ask me, "When are you and Jeremy having a kid?"
Well, I will tell you... in a couple years that's for sure. We want to wait long enough but not too long. Our reason is because we want time together before we bring any children in to this world. And I want to wait because I want to be completely and 100% ready, and Jeremy too. We have to be ready together. Also, in case you were wondering we're going to have a girl first, because I say so.
So, there you have it, babies!

On another note I have a shoot lined up in October, actually 2. So I'm super excited. One for a little guys 1st Birthday, and a Family shoot.

If you haven't already, check out my website, www.crystalraephotography.com and give me honest feedback. I want to know if there is something I'm missing that should be on there, or if something just isn't working right.

I'lll leave you with this cutie pa tootie who goes to our daycare.


Sunday Citar

Another week of Sunday citar... whooo hooo!

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"Anyone who uses the phrase 'easy as taking candy from a baby' has never tried taking candy from a baby."

Not that I think these 2 girlies are babies, I just felt it went with the pictures. :p


30 Days Of Summer +Day 16

Tuesday marked the first day of our academic year at Learning Zone Preschool, and so far it has been a fantastic year. I have all but 2 new students, and it's great because I get to start from scratch with every single one. From scratch I mean I get to teach each one how to write their name, the alphabet, and many other things they need to be ready for in kindergarten. I have to say, that they ALL are doing an excellent job. I'm so proud and impressed with all of them. Seeing their potential makes me all excited about teaching them more things. Whoooo hoooo to first day of school!


Craft time is our favorite at school...


30 Days Of Summer +Day 15

This summer has been one of the fastest summers EVER! I can't believe we'll be starting school in less than 2 days. It's amazing, really it is. This summer has been full of plenty accomplishments as well. I've taken several senior pictures for a few girls graduating and/or who are already graduated. I have taught 6-9 year olds tips on cooking. I have been learning new things with photography everyday. One thing I'm so proud of myself for doing is making a website for my photography business I am working so hard on.
Check it out and give me feedback. I appreciate any ones comments.

Crystal Rae Photography


Sunday Citar

"We never had a bathtub. Mom would bathe me in the wooden or tin washtub in the kitchen, or in a big lard can."
-Ethal Waters

Has there been some quote that has touched your life in some way this week? Or even last week? Or maybe it's a quote that you heard a long time ago. Either way you can share it and then link it up at Fresh Mommy's blog. Where Sunday Citar was borned!


30 Days Of Summer +Day 15

This week has been a extremely crazy week, working hard, long hours and when I get home it's sleep time. Haven't been on the computer long enough to post on my blog, whoopsies. :p

We had Aliyah spend the night with us several nights ago, while she stayed we were asked to give her a bath. Before her bath Jeremy was letting her play with his old toys he played with when he was young, so she was able to play with them in the bath. When I left to get a towel I asked Jeremy to sit with Aliyah, when I came back he was playing with the toys while she was "swimming" and going under water.

Look how excited he was to play with these.

While Jeremy was sitting there he told me he wished he could fit in the tub with all his toys again. :)
That guy is so funny!
I love him so much.