5 TOP Moments in 2008

I took this idea from KDLOST @ Froggity . Here are my 5 top moments in 2008.

1.Our Wedding... We got married May 29, 2008. I will never forget our time in Hawaii... I LOVE YOU BABY.
2. Getting a camera for my birthday from my wonderful husband, and being able to take awesome pictures like these!

3.Going on a road trip to Washington D.C. for SEAL America. It was awesome seeing Ambassador Larry Huggins and his beautiful wife Mrs. Huggins.
4. Being there when my nephew, Tristan, was born. I wasn't in the actual delivery room when it happened, but I did get to go in and see him moments after. It was awesome.
Kisses from his favorite Auntie!!

5. Our first Christmas together. I got everything I wanted! You can read HERE about Jeremy's big surprise!

So there you have it... my top 5 moments of 2008. What is your top 5 moments?



Here is the first photo of Tristan and I. I think the flash on the cameras was bothering his eyes, poor baby, he went cross eyed.


30 Days Of Winter +Day 7

It truly was a memorable Christmas! Jeremy and I spent our first Christmas together. First, I must say this is the first Christmas I was able to sleep in until 10:30, because my younger brother, Michael, wasn't there to wake me up at 8. :) Although, when I woke up the bed was empty, Jeremy was already in the living room, PLAYING A VIDEO GAME. :) So I shuffled my way out there, and said, "Lets open GIFTS." At this point Jeremy thought he wasn't getting ANYTHING, because of the insanely LARGE TV and PS3 he got for his BIRTHDAY, which I had told him it was his Christmas present as well. BUT... I was very SNEAKY. I bought him a package of socks, which he NEEDED, and I got him some AXE body wash, deodorant and spray, PHOENIX scent, HIS FAVORITE. AND.... I got him 2 blu-ray DVD's. Wanted & 300, two movies I know he'll LOVE, and guess what, HE LOVED IT. He was soooo surprised that he got ANYTHING. So... I am so glad that I was able to keep it a secret until Christmas, I really wanted to surpise him, and It was so hard, because I was getting so excited to give it to him. There was one situation that almost gave it all away. I had ordered the BLU-Rays on amazon.com, and I had them delivered to the Church, where I work, but they weren't scheduled to make it there until last Monday, and I wasnt going to be there, so I made a phone call, and it happened to get delivered to our apartment, so he saw that UPS slip on the door stating that they had delivered it to the main office at our apartment complex. I was freaking... so the next day I asked my boss if she could stop by the apartment complex office to pick up the package, since Jeremy and I drive the same car home from work. SO... you can imagine the predicament I was in. I called the offices to see if my boss could, the girl then said, "We... dont usually do that. We only give it to the person who's name is on the box." So... I told her my situation, she said hold on, came back on the phone, and said that it would be fine if my boss came to pick it up. I was so freaking excited. So... I actually told Jeremy that I had to go to my boss' house to grab something, and so we did, and then I snuck it in my purse and hid it in the closet. And he was totally surprised that he got ANYTHING. :) It was the highlight of my Christmas. Whoo hooo!

Here are a few more pictures from our trip in Washington D.C.

What Should I do???

Okay Ladies, my 100th blog post is soon approaching and my question is...
I know some bloggers do special post or what not, BUT, I'm not sure exactly what I should do! So help me out!! Give me ideas people! Can't wait to figure it out and hear what ya'll have to say!

Merry Christmas


An Award... FOR ME?

Thank You to Cindy @ The Grass Can Be Greener, she has passed along to me the Christmas Spirit AWARD! SAWEET!
The rules are...You must be a true Christmas lover to receive this award. The person to whom you give the award must also be in love with Christmas. You must link back to the person who gave you the award. You must list 5 things that you love about Christmas. If you can't limit it to 5 things, then keep going till you run out of space! If you're reading this, pass the award along to as many people as you like. That can be 1 or 50. It's up to you! But, you must pass it on to at least one person in order to keep the Christmas cheer going! Let your recipients know that you have tagged them by leaving them a comment.
Along with this award I need to state 5 things I love about Christmas and they are..

1. Kids Christmas Recital at school (NOT MY KIDS)

2. Lights on houses when we drive by (Although I would never decorate my house like that, it's a pain)

3. Family. I love being able to see family I don't get to see everyday. Spending time with them and laughing with them is the BEST.

4. The fact that this is Jeremy and I's first Christmas, and starting our own traditions is exciting!

5. Getting others presents I know they will LOVE. I just love seeing family and friends faces after seeing what I got them, knowing they love it, it's the BEST!

Well... there you have it, my 5 favorite things about Christmas. I am going to tag all those that read this post, and if you don't want to post, then I guess you don't want to pass along Christmas cheer! ;)


Home Sweet Home

After 9.5 hours of driving in a car last night I was POOPED! We left at 1 PM and got home at 10:45 ish. We both fell right into our comfortable bed and well... we almost fell right to sleep. First we had to play solitare on our phones. It has become a ritual, we lay down, get our phones out, play a couple games of solitare. Yeah, it's weird.
We woke up this morning and I went shopping for a couple of things and started baking for our Family and Friends, and now, I'm getting really sleepy!!! Lets hope I can stay awake tonight at the B Family get together!
Here are just a few pictures of our trip, when I have more energy and POWER, I will post some more! We had so much fun on this trip and we can not wait to take another ROAD TRIP together. Thank GOD we didn't have to work today! Whew!If your wondering why he is squating and making that face it's because he said the bench was wet so he wouldn't sit his butt down and he made THAT face. But when it came to be my turn it wasn't wet! I don't get it. :)OUtside of the MALL on a bench!Here we are getting ready to go to the Smithsonian: American History Museum.This is us on our way home, we only stopped at the Pennsylvania sign because Ohio and Michigan snuck up on us AND it was dark. OH... and Maryland and Virginia were in odd places. This was at the Capitol. WE were looking at a HUGE Christmas tree on display in the yard. It was beautiful! I think I got a picture of it. If I do I'll share that with the next batch!
Merry Christmas Everyone... few more days left!


Washington D.C.

Hey all, we made it... we got through the snow storm in Michigan, WHOO HOO... and I'm sitting in our COLD hotel room, Yes I can turn the heat on BUT Jeremy is a big guy and he gets warm pretty fast, LOL.  
Today we went to the Sate Capitol and had communion, which is a part of SEAL America's campaign.. SEAL AMERICA, check it out.  We had the very last communion today, but If you would like to read about it go HERE.  Jeremy actually traveled with Ambassador Huggins the first half of these communions, then we got married in Hawaii.
Well... I am EXHAUSTED so I'm going to hit the sack, BUT, I will post pictures soon, PROMISE.  And post about our awesome trip, that is not over YET! Catch ya on the flip side!

P.S. Sorry if my last "POST" was confusing, but my Iphone wouldn't let me do any text in the main posting area, so I did the next best thing, LOL.

I just love children...

As some of you know... I work in a daycare... and one of the best daycare's I know of. Working @ a daycare I get to hear some of the funniest things EVER. And today... was one of THOSE days.
I walk into work and the Director has an extremely funny story to tell me...

Director: Omg, I have to tell you what Stinker (Not his real name) said.

ME: *SMILING* What did he say

Director: I set up a veterinary center for the kids as they were coming in. And Stinker said as he was checking a bird, " This bird is weak, and his pecker is bad too." *Laughs*

ME: *LAUGHS LOUDLY* OMG, that is to funny! He meant his beak?

Director: YES!

So... to make sure there is NO confusion, this little guy meant the Birds beak, LOL.


30 Days Of Winter +Day 6

Jeremy and I had our niece and nephew over, and some of you might recognize one of them, It's Baby Blue, Tabitha @ Fresh Mommy is her mommy!!! We were being asked ALOT by Little Man, our nephew, to come over to our house. And since we were having him over we thought why not, lets have Baby Blue over too. Jeremy kept Little Man company doing what boys do best, play video games, and Baby Blue and I made cookies!Yes... that is chocolate on her face, she kept sneaking chocolate chips! She made a big mess with them on the counter, I'm starting to think she did that on purpose so she could snag more than one!Trying to get Jeremy's attention so he can watch her stir the cookie dough.After we baked cookies she saw the lemons in my fruit bowl, so she said, "Crystal, I have a lemon?" So I cut up a little wedge and she sucked on that for about a total of 2 seconds.
After she was done with your lemon, Baby Blue and I made a tent because she was trying to get me to climb under Uncle Jeremy's legs to hide with her, but, I'm a little to big to squeeze in between the tables we have and the couch. After we got bored with our tent, which was about 4 mins, we painted each others fingernails. I just had her use sparkles on me, that way you couldn't see color all over my fingertips instead of my nails. But, I have to give it to her she did a pretty good job keeping it on my nails. She would just dab it in one spot though.
Here is Little Man with Uncle Jeremy. He loves playing Little Big Planet on the PS3, as do I. He was really concentrated on that game, when I called his name he wouldn't even look at me. :)
After Little Man got to play the video game for a bit we ate some dinner, then watched Veggie Tales: The Toy That Saved Christmas. We also played with some flashlights we found and turned off ALL the lights in the house, it was lots and lots of fun! We most definitely will be doing it again!

Until next time


Not ME! Monday...

Can you believe it, another Monday, we are getting closer and closer to Christmas. Or should I say we are NOT getting any closer to Christmas.

I did not have my friend come over and I did not eat Mcdonalds for dinner Friday either, nope, I wouldn't do that. It's not healthy for you!

I did not go to sleep at 2:00 AM Friday night and wake up kind of early, for a Saturday, to go take pictures of 2 not so adorable little guys.

I most definitely did not have fun taking pictures of these 2 boys, and I did not freeze my toosh off when we were doing outside photos. Because it is not freezing here in MI.

I did not sit on my butt for the rest of the Saturday because hubby and I didn't want to move. We were not lazy like that.

I did not get up early for church, and I most definitely did not have our Niece and nephew over for about 4 hours to play. Baby blue and I did not make chocolate chip cookies, and I most definitely did not let here eat some of the chocolate chips. We did not let our nephew play video games, because they just rot your brain. And we did not have fun with them, and we won't have them over any more.

I did not have a hard time falling asleep last night, and that didn't make me tired this morning! Not at all!

Well... I do not enjoy doing NOT ME MONDAY's, and I did not take almost 2 hours writing this. Because I am not going slow today.

Check out Mckmama's not me's!


30 Days Of Winter +Day 5

Today I got the wonderful pleasure of taking pictures of 2 adorable little guys! We'll call one NFL and the other NHL. They did such a great job, and we had loads and loads of fun. Of course NHL was so excited I was coming over to his house. Right when I walked through the door he started yelling, "Miss Crystal, Miss Crystal." And NFL had lots of things to tell and show me. NHL is still coming to the daycare, but his brother NFL is in 1st grade now, so I don't get to see him as often.

Yeee-haw riding cowboy.... he took his hat off and everything. It was the perfect shot.

I love these two pictures. I got lots of great shots, but these are just a few that I liked out of the whole bunch! I'll share some more later!
Well... I'm off!


*Story Time*

ka1t_lyn @ upturned barbie tagged me in this interesting story time. You add a paragraph on to this story, that other have participated in. Read the story and then add your paragraph and then tag others. For the rules go HERE.
Here is the story....

The bus was more crowded than usual. It was bitterly cold outside, and I hadn't prepared for it. I noticed that a fair number of the riders were dressed curiously. As I glanced around, I stretched my feet and kicked up against a large, heavy cardboard box laying under the seat in front of me. (Splotchy)

I hunched down to see what it was, but as I did, the bus violently veered to left. I was thrown up against a heavyset Asian woman with blond hair. I pardoned myself, but she faced forward with no reply. Just then, a man wearing a jumpsuit of silver and gold stood up at the front of the bus. He was holding a megaphone and a box of graham crackers. He held the megaphone up to his face and began to speak... (Some Guy)

"Ladies and Gentlemen...please do not be afraid! I am here to help you" he said in a mighty booming voice. As he began to step towards me I felt a hand creep its way around my throat and all of a sudden I was pressed against the mighty bosom of the Asian woman as she she hauled me to my feet. She began to back away from the costumed crusader all the while holding me, feet dangling in the air. I panicked and my eyes searched the bus, hoping to connect with someone, anyone who would be able to help me. My eyes met those of the hero in gold and just as I began to gasp for air he yelled...(~E)

„Put her down and no one gets hurt“, he yelled at the Asian woman. All the passengers turned to see what was going on and, as they did, I noticed they were more panicked than I was. A small bespectacled man closest to us hissed at my captor and said in a low voice „Take me, just don't hurt her.“ My fear gave way to curiosity. Who were all these people, and why were they so concerned for my well being?The Asian blonde's back was now pressed against the back of the bus, and she increased her grip on me as the megaphone man crept slowly towards us. As he passed through the bus people started getting up, and now they formed a small army behind him. He raised the box of graham crackers above his head and put his lips to the megaphone... (That Damn Expat)

"Since you refuse to cooperate, I will have to use my secret weapon!" Suddenly a laser like light shot out of the box of graham crackers and everything went black. I don't know how much time passed, but I awoke in a mysterious room with a terrible headache. Immediately I assumed that I had been captured and began wondering why me? Why not the Asian lady who seemed to be the source of trouble? Just then, a woman walked into the room wearing a gold lame' dress, she said...(Laura)

"Oh, you are awake? I am glad you're okay...", and she gave me a glass of water. Apparently I fainted at her boutique while picking out some clothing. I am so relieved that it was just a dream. Being captive is not my cup of tea. Besides, who was that big Asian woman? And what's up with that horrible blond hair she had? Asian people would never look pretty with blond. She was freaky. I thanked the boutique owner and decided to walk outside. It is really nice day out. Oh wait.. I am hungry. I should get something to eat. "What should I eat?", I was talking to myself when.... (Maki)

I spotted a box of graham crackers. Suddenly suspicious, I began to peer around. At first, nothing looked all that familiar. My eye began to catch specks of gold, hidden under jackets and ill-fitting clothing. A heinous shade of gold hair. Nervously, I peered back at the graham crackers. Deciding I was being far too paranoid for my own good, I headed down the sidewalk to my car. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of all-too-familiar spectacles. Rushing, I tried to covertly follow the spectacles but.... (upturned.barbie)

they disappeared. Was this a dream or did it really happen. As I was trying to decide whether this all really happened to me I noticed a red laser aimed at the wall in front of me. I quickly turned around to see a man in a silver and gold jumpsuit holding a graham cracker box. It wasn't a dream! When I reached jumpsuit man he explained to me that I was captured and taken to the boutique, but what he didn't know was why they let me leave. As I stood there I started to feel pain in my...(Crystal)

That was very interesting... I'd like to see what these people come up with....
Briony @ Todays Daybreak Tomorrows Horizon
KDLOST @ Froggity
MRS. NEwlywed @ Misadventures Of A Newlywed
Tabitha @ Fresh Mommy
Lets see what you ladies can come up with... can't wait to read em'



The weekend is here and I'm ready to RELAX... or .... CHILLAX... This week, for some reason, has been a LONG week. I was so ready for it to be over. Right now I'm sitting on the couch listening to Jeremy talk and coach his friend Jon through this video game, That does NOT look interesting. I'm waiting for my friend, Brittany, to get here so we can go to Walgreens, and get some dinner. I am so HUNGRY. I am ready to eat. I haven't eaten since lunch, and when we got home I ate a Fruit bar (SO STINKING GOOD) and a Granola bar. Did not fill me up!
I'm trying to decide what I want for dinner! I'm so hungry, I can't decide what I want. :)
So... I have just a couple pictures I want to share with all my bloggy friends... Just because...
This is a fence (Obviously) that was by this barn that was falling down, it was really dangerous. LOL
The little ones were having lots of fun in this bounce house that was brought in by one of the parents @ the daycare. Thanks :)
I'm so excited for tomorrow. I'm going to take pictures of 2 cute little guys. One used to go to the daycare and his brother goes to the daycare now. Their mom asked if I would come take their pictures for the Holidays and me, of course I said yes. Because I am all about the picture taking. I will make sure to post pictures from that tomorrow.
Well.... I'm headed out... catch ya'll later.


30 Days Of Winter +Day 4

Last night as Jeremy and I were pulling into our apartment complex I saw the sky, and I just knew I had to capture this shot. It looks so cool with the colors in the sky and the dark silhouettes of the trees. I was trying a few different ways to take this shot, and when I tried it in night vision they were way to stinking blurry, I need a tripod, LOL. So... that is what I'm after next, LOL.

At work it was nap time... some of the kids favorite time, and others NOT. For this little girl, nap time is NOT her favorite time. But today, she was one of the first to fall asleep. As Miss Marla was walking by she saw her little feet sticking out from her blanket. THen she told me it would be a great shot, and guess what I agreed. So cute...
Tiny little tootsies!


30 Days Of Winter +Day 3

Have you ever made a gingerbread house? I haven't... until last night!! Jeremy and I went to Sam's Club, to pick up a few things, and I saw this... well a kit to make this... and I WANTED IT. LOL. I had never in my life made a gingerbread house before!
I spent over 2 hours on this house, LOL. Yeah you might think thats a little to long, but it wasn't, I had to think about what I wanted to do to make it look cool, LOL. So that took up some of my time. Of course Jeremy kept wanting to rush me, but you can't rush art like this!
Will I be doing this next year? OF course. It was loads and loads of fun!
I think you should do it too!!!!