30 Days Of Fall + Day 24

Thanksgiving:: A time to give thanks for all the things God has blessed us with. Family, Friends, Husbands, Homes, Clothes, Food on the Table. I am so thankful for all these things and more. God has blessed me and my husband, Jeremy, so much since the beginning of our marriage.
Last night Tabitha and Chris had family over to their home for an early Thanksgiving feast. Because both of them will be gone Thanksgiving week. Tabitha has a car show and Chris, her husband, will be flying out to be with her. SO... last night we got to enjoy Thanksgiving early, it was AWESOME. This means I'll get to have more than ONE Thanksgiving feast, YES!
On our way home I took some more night life pictures. Here is a few I enjoy!
Pretty cool huh?:: I love how this one focus' on the rain drops on the windshield more than whats going on outside. It's greol! (Great+Cool=Gre0l)
This one looks like glow worms are crawling around!
Woah!!! Pretty neeto! LOL.
Well, I'll catch ya'll later.



Briony said...

Sounds like an awesome night! Aren't night photos so fun...I love that someone else likes them as much as me :)

Anonymous said...

Thats cool!! I like the raindrops one too!!