30 Days Of Fall + Day 13

What a wonderful night it was, I'm so glad the weather was nice for all those trick-or-treaters.
Well, tonight we went to a party at a friends house and had lots of fun too.

Jeremy found the M&M bowl and was sneeking some M&M's, but it wasn't that hard to spot his Banana Hands, LOL.

we went to a friends house for a party and I dressed up as a sexy black kitty, and Jeremy was a missing person on a milk carton, LOL.

-Happy Halloween- To YOu ALL!
Who is that little girl... I bet some of you can guess, especially if you are a avid reader of Tabith's blog, Fresh Mommy.
Peek-A-Boo, It's Baby Blue. @ The party Baby Blue found a dog hole in the door and decided she would try and fit through it.



30 Days Of Fall + Day 12

I Love Cookies... although my favorite kind of cookie is chocolate chip cookies, YUMMO! But, putting into consideration the kids at the daycare, and the specific holiday, I decided to make pumpkin shaped sugar cookies. That's right, sugar cookies. Not my favorite, but any young kids favorite. So, I set out to find a recipe. Here is what I found...
  • 1/2 cup butter, softened
  • 2/3 cup white sugar
  • 1-1/3 eggs
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1-2/3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
1. In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugar until smooth. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Stir in the flour, baking powder, and salt. Cover, and chill dough for at least one hour (or overnight). I just stuck my dough in a sealed ziploc bag in the freezer for 15 mins.

2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Roll out dough on floured surface 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Cut into shapes with any cookie cutter. Place cookies 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheets.

3. Bake 6 to 8 minutes in preheated oven. Cool completely.

As you can see in this picture here I did not have a rolling pin to roll out my dough, so guess what I used.... that's right, the sauce jar. I lathered some flour on it, and rolled our my dough. Hey, it worked.

Then I used a round condiments bowl we have to cut out the circle shape, then I used a knife to cute little rectangle pieces, and I connected those to the top of the circles, and wala, a pumpkin
HMMM... Baked to perfection. I colored vanilla frosting orange and green. And after they cooled down I frosted those bad boys, and I was finished. It was so fun, and really easy too. And believe it or not, I did NOT burn one batch of cookies.

They turned our GREAT! I love parties!




Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

I love our tiny family, It may just be Jeremy and I right now, but hopefully next year we'll get to add to it. NO not a baby, goodness, were not ready for that, I'm talking about a puppy. Yay



30 Days Of Fall + Day 11

Pumpkins... ooey gooey goodness... to your hands that is. Last night I got to feel that gooeyness in between my fingers, and I felt just like a kid again. Of course when I was a kid I didn't sort out the seeds, I just threw those with the guts. Yeah, that's right the guts. LOL. My grandfather was always the one sorting through the seeds and guts, he liked to cook them. But he didn't want us wasting time getting those seeds, our jobs were to carve the pumpkins. I love when those memories fall back into my brain.
I didn't even use a spoon to cut this bad boy, I used my hands the whole time.
And here we have the end result. Its Frankenstein. HEhehe...
FYI:: I did not carve this free hand, as much as I wish I did, I did not. Maybe next year I'll have to try and carve something cool like this free hand. What I did was print off a template HERE, and taped the paper on my gutted pumpkin, and took a toothpick and poked holes along the black. When I outlined the all the black, I then took the paper off the pumpkin, grabbed my carving tool and carved that bad boy. It was really easy, and fun too. Sometimes the angles can get tricky, so be careful on the pattern you choose.



30 Days Of Fall + Day 10

Cold mornings are the worst... here are some reasons why...
1. Your feet are always freezing when you wake up
2. You feel like you have to walk around in a robe in the mornings because your so cold
3. You don't want to get up (but thats on warm mornings too)
4. YOU HAVE TO SCRAPE YOUR WINDOWS OFF (well us people without garages)
But thankfully for me, my hubby does it for me, that is if we're both going to work that same morning.
He looks like he is having fun, HUH!
I've never had the luxury of being able to park my car in a garage, but hubby here has had that luxury and he does not like scraping off the windows, he lets me know about that when he has to scrape them, LOL.
Well... cold mornings stink, and I can't wait for summer :)



Here it is.. another edition of "Not ME", Monday. Buckle up, here goes.

I did not eat my whole dessert this weekend even though I was stuffed from dinner.

I did not laugh so loud at a restaurant that people were staring.

I did not sit in my underwear until 11:00 on Saturday.

I did not complain that the girl at cold stone ripped me off by not giving me my full moneys worth, nope not me, I didn't do that.

I did not eat waffles and cereal for dinner last night because I didn't want to cook, and I most certainly did not make my husband eat waffles and cereal too.

I did not spend $90 on my hair this weekend, and in 2 weeks I am not going to spend $120 on a spa day. Nope, NOT ME.

I did not just sit here for 20 mins having to use the bathroom, so I could finish this post. I would not do that.

Not me Monday is not fun to do. So please do not go to this blog HERE and see what it's all about. Please do not.



Self-esteem Sunday


I really had to think for this one. Like Melody, I was trying to think of a moment when I was a child when my self-esteem was boosted, and not saying I was encouraged or had any moments when I was young, but to be honest, I have a hard to thinking of something when I'm thinking of it. So I usually think of something when I'm not on purpose thinking of it. So give me a few mins......
Okay, I think I've got something. When I was much younger, possibly around the age of 12, I started cheerleading. It was the girlish things I did when I was young. See, If you knew me I was such a tom boy it was ridiculous. But, cheerleading I felt like a girl, and I did it pretty good too. The coaches had me try out the next 3 years and every year I made it. I was always being told that I was so cute, I did such a great job with my stances, and one season I even got to be the "head cheerleader" by being able to say READY SET, before we started a cheer. So you can imagine how I felt about that. I really had fun doing tht. Although, when I got into highschool, cheerleading didn't seem as attractive. Let me just say, girls+drama= I don't want to be involved. And High School was like that. Maybe thats why I did homeschooling for the last 2 years of high school, LOL.
Well, that is my self-esteem Sunday. Maybe I'll think about next weeks self-esteem sunday better, LOL.
Woot, for Self-esteem sunday!
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Da New Blog Name

Alright, I did it, i finally did it. I've been trying and trying so hard to come up with a clever name for my blog. Hubby helped me figure one out, and here's what it has come to. Crystal Clear Reflections, cool huh. So i'm working on making a banner with the new name on it, for my blog. So keep a look out.


Award! My Very First One! YES!

Froggity, has bestowed upon me an Award, which I am graciously accepting. LOL. It's the Butterfly Award, and along with receiving this award I have to answer a few questions with only one word answers. Here goes...

1. Where is your cell phone? bedside
2.Where is your significant other? bed
3.Your hair color? Blonde
4.Your mother? Caring
5.Your father? Mississippi
6.Your favorite thing? hubby
7.Your dream last night? weird
8.Your dream/goal? director
9.The room your in? Bedroom
10.Your hobby? bloggin
11.Your fear? spiders
12.Where do you what to be in 6 years? Michigan
13.Where were you last night? Bed
14.What you're not? plastic
15.One of your wish-list items. Ugg boots
16.Where you grew up? Michigan
17.Last thing you did? Office
18.What are you wearing? Clothes
19.Your tv? stupid
20.Your pets? none
21.Your computer? MAC
22.Your mood? relaxed
23.Missing someone? Matt (brother)
24.Your Car? jeep
25.Something your not wearing? socks
26.Favorite store? Target
27.Your summer? unforgettable
28.Love someone? Dearly
29.Your favorite color? green
30.When was the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? unremembering

Thanks Froggity for that Award. I loved it. And it was my first! YES. Tomorrow I will give this award out. Woot...


30 Days Of Fall + Day 9

My laptop + my Iphone... I could not live with out these 2 electronic. Okay... I probably could live with out them, but I do do alot of work on my laptop for school (work), and I enjoy blogging, and reading other ladies blogs. And I couldn't do that without my LAPTOP. LOL.
Also...I made muffins. Chocolate chip muffins, the best type of muffins ever.
It was the first I made muffins in our new home, really the first time I've made muffins EVER. And guess what I made moist and yummy muffins. Plus... it was so extremely easy.
Okay, so... I only added milk to the mix and then mixed it up. But... I'm new at this whole cooking and baking thing, LOL. And I didn't burn the muffins. So... that right there is a miracle in itself.They were much smaller than a "normal" muffin, but I'm not a "normal" muffin myself, if you know what I mean. LOL. Well... muffins + electronics were apart of day 9 of my 30 days of fall.


Wedding Wednesday...

In honor of Lauren's upcoming wedding she has asked for many a bloggers to post about their wedding bliss, soon to be wedding, or just dreams of their some day wedding. I, however, get to blog about my wedding! Cause I'm married, YES!
Let me just start off by saying that Hubby and I had started planning in September 07. BUT... when it came around to be, maybe February 08, we had the great idea to get married in Hawaii. Hubby was traveling with a minister at the time, and was going to be in Hawaii the week of May 26. So that is the reason we chose Hawaii. We got all our tickets and family came with us, well some of the family flew down there, and we got married on THE BEACh.
My hair was so simple, it was pulled loosely back into a small curly bun.I loved my dress, it was even more simple than my hair. There was no lace, beads, etc any where on my dress, I was going for simple, obviously. I did however...choose a cathedral length veil. It was so beautiful and went perfect with my dress. The wind picked it up and everything, proved to be the best choice in my situation. Our wedding party was extremely small too. It was my hubby's two best friends, Jon + Tim, and Tabitha (From Fresh Mommy), Jeremy's sister and my best friend, as my matron of honor. My cousin, who couldn't make it, was my other matron of honor. Also, that big guy with the Ukulele was not part of our wedding party. He played beautiful songs with his ukulele. And... the white haired guy is Jeremy's Dad, check out his blog HERE, who is a minister at Faith City church, where we attend. And he married us, which was so awesome for Hubby and I.

We had a photographer who did an awesome job and took great photos. But... we couldn't go without having it video taped too. It was so awesome to watch the video. I had a hard time remembering it, it went by so fast. So getting it video taped is a must, but you have to get pictures done too. SO... do both!
After being married for almost 4 months hubby and I had a reception in Michigan with Family and Friends who could not make it to the wedding in Hawaii. It wasn't very extravagant, but, it was still wonderful.
We had the food catered by a friend and co-worker of my mothers. My mother is not a cook, and she does not work at a catering place. This lady works with my mother in a office, but does catering as a side thing. But she did a wonderful job, and since we had a tight budget it worked out for us.
We had a sheet cake, nothing fancy, but If I was able to have the cake of my dreams it would have looked something like this..
Yes... that's it, that green and chocolate brown beauty. LOL. This is the cake I originally would have had. I love the green and brown colors together. That was the whole theme of my Michigan wedding.
Hubby and I both wore white, and so did his groomsmen. My bridesmaid wore brown, and she looked sexy, (woot to, Tabitha)
And here are the favors I made ALL by my self. Well, hubby helped a bit, he cut ribbon for me, and helped form the square boxes. Thanks Jeremy. What I did with these is made heart shaped chocolate and put mints in with them. Took me 5 days to finish all of it. Those molds took FOREVER.
Well... our wedding was how we wanted it, and we loved it. Not the most fanciest, but I would have to say being in Hawaii, was so romantic. It was definitely the wedding of MY dreams.
WOW. maybe I could have said more... LOL



I told ya'll that I would post the pictures from Jeremy and I doing "Photobooth". But i wanted to make them look like they actually came out of a photobooth. So here it is...
We had lots of fun... *thank you to Tab or Briony, I can't remember who took these pictures of us. LOL.


On our Way To Work...

Hubby and I work at the same building, it's awesome I know, and on our way to work we have all kinds of conversations... taking into consideration of the fact that we do not have a CD player any more. Long story, I'll elaborate later. So we have lots and lots of different types of conversations. This morning we had a particular conversation where I couldn't help but laugh and tell my husband how Cute I think he is. Cause he is. This is how the conversation started.

Me: One Saturday morning. Did you ever watch cartoons on Saturday mornings when you were a kid? (Okay I sing random things sometimes, that's where the Saturday morning thing came from.)

HUbby: NO, we weren't really allowed to watch cartoons. The thing was is that if you had to time to watch cartoons you had time to do something more useful with your time... read a book, do some school work, etc. (He was home schooled)

Me: What? You never got to watch cartoons when you were little.

HUbby: Yeah, I was able to watch cartoons, while I was on the treadmill.

Me: *Laughing* What? (All I could do was picture hubby on a treadmill watching cartoons.)

HUbby: Well, my mom suggested I go on a treadmill once and then I said I would get to bored so she told me I could turn the tv and watch that while I'm on the treadmill.

Me: You are so stinking cute.

HUbby: So when I wanted to watch tv I would say, Oh, I'm going on the tredmill.

Me: That would be boring for me to have to walk while watching cartoons.

HUbby: Well, I would go slow. Sometimes I would lean on the treadmill and go extremely slow. But I would be told to stand up straight and walk. *He laughs*

So that's how I conversation went this morning on our way into work. One of the best I would have to say. *SIgh*

Also... Today at work I wore a white sweater, yes I know what was I thinking, and one of my 9 darlings decided to hug me with RED + GREEN trix yogurt on their shirt. So, can you guess what happened, yes... I got RED + GREEN yogurt on my white sweater. But... have no fear, Tide Pen is here. I love that thing. Now it's just a faint PINK mark. LOL.

I hope everyone enjoys that story about hubby as much as I did.

P.S. He gave me permission to post that. LOL


SEXY? Well... Maybe

Hello readers... What a wonderful day it has been today. The weather was a little chilly but the sun was out and shining! Perfect weather to play out side! I can't believe it's taken me this long to post a blog today. Usually I do it during my "breaks" at work. But I was having so much fun browsing through Fonts on a website. There are some great fonts, some of them have silly names, but it's really easy to download them once you get the zip file. At least it's easy on my MAC, not sure about PC users though. The website is HERE, if you want to have a chance to check out all the funky fonts. I loved it. On the website they also explain how to download but if you need help don't be afraid to ask. If I don't know, I can ask my hubby!
On another note... I have a great/hilarious story for you all. SO... yesterday at school (work), we were doing Rugwork... I'll tell you later about that... and one boy was doing our magnet letter board. He was just putting up letters randomly, besides these kids are 3 and 4, so they don't really know how to spell words yet. So.. after he had randomly placed the letters in an almost perfect line he asked me, "Miss Crystal, what does this spell?" I looked right at the board, and saw the word I underlined in RED.After I took a double take I told him, "It's just a bunch of letters sweetie, it doesn't spell anything." Then I got my camera and took a picture so I could share this moment with you all. It was so funny, I couldn't believe this little guy had accidentally spelt SEXY. OMGoodness.

Well.... my hubby wants me to some what watch him play GTA (Grand Theft Auto), it's okay if you didn't know what GTA meant, I didn't until like yesterday, I just like to sound cool, LOL. Farewell.


Not Me! Monday...

This is the premiere of Crystal's Not ME! Monday... here goes...

I did not eat a piece of apple pie and then cut myself a big piece of chocolate pie this weekend.

I did not get online everyday this weekend to write a blog and to see if anyone left me comments.

I did not paint my nails one color, and then take off the nail polish just to paint them a whole new color.

I did not neglect my work for the daycare to watch tv

I did not spend $15 dollors on ribbon + a card to wrap my sister-in-love's baby shower gifts.

I did not wear fake hair to the banquet (Gala) to make my hair appear thicker.

I did not just sit and be lazy while my husband was asking for food before he went to work out.

I did not spend some of my work hours reading other ladies blogs.

I did not just say that I'm finished with this weeks, Not Me! Monday.

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Dancing the Night Away...

JEREMY + I went to a Banquet Dinner last night for a couple in our church who are Missionaries in Argentina. It was so awesome to fellowship and support our friends. We got to dance and enjoy a great meal. It was chicken, potatoes, green beans, and ceaser salad. It was yummy! After we got down and boogied a little Jeremy's other siblings and I went out to take pictures, then we started to get a little silly! It was LOTS OF FUN!From left to right starting with the guys theres: Jason (Jeremys brother), Andy (Jeremy's Brother), Jeremy, + Chris (Jeremy's brother-in-love).
From left to right with the girls theres: Michelle (Jason's Fiance, Kristen (Andy's wife), Me (Jeremy's Wife), + Tabitha (Chris's wife.)
We were making kissy faces, can you tell? Kristen could not keep a straight face. LOL

Soon to come: Jeremy + I doing "Photobooth"

LaLaLa, it's MONDAY!
I wanted to share this awesome disco ball photo that I almost forgot I had... cool huh.