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Miniature ponies are the cutest.

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Today is Saturday... I love Saturdays!

Just wanted to share the LOVE that I have for my husband. He's one of the best things that happened to me. The first? Having Jesus in my life! WOOT WOOT!

Enjoy your Saturday!


Just Can't Get Enough

Jeremy has created a MONSTER. Let me explain...

Jeremy has a passion and interest in guns. So from his passion he has created a monster in me. I love going out and practice shooting. It really is educational. I'm not just enjoying myself when I'm practicing, but I'm learning how to be safe with the gun, how to properly hold and shoot. The most important thing is that I learn how to handle the gun so I don't hurt myself or anyone around me. We went out last weekend after we shot paintball guns, and did practice shooting.

Wait did you see that? Lets take another look....

Jeremy got the shot while the brass was coming out. AWESOME!

I'm super duper pumped for this Saturday because I get to take my CCW class. AND I get to practice shooting again. :P

Have a grand Tuesday!


iHeartfaces:: Celebrating Teens

Teens... Teenagers... young adults... youth... however you want to say it, this week @ iHeartfaces we are celebrating teens. Gotta an awesome picture of a teen you took? POst it on your blog and link up @ iHeartfaces They just love it when you join in on the fun.

Celebrate good times, COME ON!

That's what I thought off when I think of Celebrate. That song. :P
Okay, now go check out iHeartFaces and their Celebration of teens.


New experiences..

This weekend has been full of new experiences. First experience was getting a really dark color in my hair. Although it's not the color of my whole head, there is a small section that is the darkest you have ever seen in my hair.
Experience number 2... Paintball!!! IT was so awesome. I was so nervous all morning about the pain of one of the paintballs hitting me. But I only received one bruise from it and got it 3 times that hurt enough for me to feel it. All the other "bullets" either didn't hit me (some hit my gun) or it just didn't hit hard enough. So that's okay with me. People were coming back to the safe zone with red knuckles, bleeding welts, and smiles on their faces. Yeah, you saw that right, smiles. We were having so much fun. It was something I would like to experience again. Soon, hopefully.

Courtesy Of Stephanie

Locked and Loaded!!!!

Go Team

The girls got to be team captains and I picked these DUDES. We did AWESOME! I think we kicked lots of butt out there. Well, at least I did. :P

Thumbs up... that means it was A-OKAY!



THis man that you see before you, is my life. And that is never ever ever ever going to change. EVER!

My Husband

He is the love of my life, the cheese to my nachos, the nail polish to my nails... I think you get it.

Love you honey.


iHeartfaces :: Babies

Crystal Rae Photography

Babies are adorable! I love the category. Want to join in? You should go to iHeartfaces and play along.


Having Fun, Enjoying Life

My friend Brittney and I had lots of fun this past weekend taking pictures. Well, I was taking the pictures, she was my model. I really haven't done a lot of photo shoots lately and I just wanted to get out there and take pictures of someone. So I said, "Brittney, will you be my model?" She happily obliged.
We had lots of fun. I got some great shots. Just see for yourself.

We had so much fun, I think I'll do it again soon. But this time we'll add a guy in the mix. Well, her boyfriend I mean. Not just some random guy, of course.


iHeartfaces :: Play

We love playing at school, especially when there is shaving cream involved. The kids kept calling it whip cream, but I had to remind them that you can't eat SHAVING cream. :P

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Sunday Citar

I'm doing pretty good remembering to do Sunday Citar...

“You've got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on.”

“Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life.”

You should join us this week. Head over to Fresh Mommy Blog and link up your quote.



My nephew Jude is so cute... Don't believe me? Check this cutie out!

See what I mean!
Can you believe THIS GUY is his FATHER... LOL

Just kidding Matt, I love you!

Have a great weekend!