2nd Year Anniversary

This weekend Jeremy and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary. It was very special and it was something I really needed to get my mind off things.

We had a very nice room. It had a king size bed... *wink *wink *nudge *nudge... and as soon as we got our stuff to the room Jeremy said, "i'll be right back." So I thought maybe he needed to get something from the car. He was gone for almost 30 minutes. At this point I'm thinking, "Where in the world did he go?"
When he finally walked in the door he had his arms full. He had went out and got a fruit tray and some bubbly. The fruit juice kind of bubbly and some glasses to drink it in. It was so sweet.

Later in the evening we got all dressed up and went to a fancy restaurant. It was so fun!
I love getting all dressed up.

That ring you see with the pearl is from Hawaii. On our honeymoon, which is where we were married as well, we found this jewelry place where you could pick out your clam and they'll help you open it up and you get your pearl. Well we did 3, and I had two put into a necklace and one put in that ring. The ring actually has 2 diamonds on the sides of it. It's beautiful.

At the end of the night we couldn't find anyone to take our picture together, so we did separately and then I photoshopped me into the picture with Jeremy. Can you tell?

It was a really amazing night, and I'm truly blessed to have found my wonderful husband, Jeremy.


Sunday Citar

It's Sunday.... This Sunday Citar is really special. I'm honoring my Grandmother who passed Friday morning.


“A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime.”

“Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose."
-Kevin Arnold

To a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, You will be missed more than you could ever know. I love you!


Sunday Citar

It's SUNDAY! So that means....

“I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth.”
-Steve Mcqueen

“I have never been in a natural place and felt that was a waste of time. I never have. And it's a relief. If I'm walking around a desert or whatever, every second is worthwhile.”
-Viggo Mortensen

Ahhh... The country... nothing else like it. Am I right, or am I right?

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Horse Riding

I've only gone horse back riding ONCE my whole life. And when I did I was freaking out. My horse was doing zig zags the whole time. He knew I didn't have confidence and would steer himself towards the yummy grass. Which then I would use the reigns and redirect him on a straight path. But I would go to far and go to the other side of the road, and so on and so forth.
Well, this last time I got to ride on a horse, which happened to be on Thursday, I got to go bare back and it wasn't a full size horse, it was a pony.

Isn't he a beauty. His name is Fiddlesticks and my friend Stephanie brought him to let the kids where I work ride him. They had so much fun. There were a few who didn't want to ride or even touch Fiddlesticks, but they still enjoyed watching the other kids ride him. Even all the teachers rode him, that was silly.

Isnt' that fun!?

Fiddlesticks was a good and corruptive horse. Thank you Stephanie for sharing your horse. :P


Yes, I did!

YES that is me in that chicken suit. I totally put on a chicken suit for the kids today because we have a Barnyard theme these 2 days and totally mixed up the date we were supposed to have the pony and horse brought in. I gave the person who was bringing in the horses the wrong date. So... I said to myself, "There is suppose to be a special visit from SOMEBODY or something. I just don't know." So I figured it out and said to myself, again, "I'll wear that chicken suit." The kids LOVED it.

There was only a few who didn't want to give "MR. Chicken" a hug. But now one cried and freaked. I did keep my distance though, I didn't want to freak anyone out on purpose. Before I came in though, MIss Marla, talked to the kids about who is coming to visit, a big chicken who looks like big bird, and she did say it's a costume, but didn't tell them who was inside of it. I think most of them didn't realize that a person had to be inside the costume. :P

After all the chicken fun we had we did get a visit from not a horse and a pony but a PONY! The kids LOVED IT!

Even I did!

By the way, that Chicken suit was HOT!



iHeartfaces :: Faces & Flowers

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This little cutie loves picking the dandelions out on the playground. She likes to pick them for her mom. :P
That's so sweet.


Sunday Citar

“Don't count your chickens before they are hatched”

"I don't want to be a pie, I don't like gravy!"
-Babs "Chicken Run"

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Have a great relaxing Sunday!


My First Recipe

My sister over at Fresh Mommy does an amazing job cooking. I love when she has posts with her recipes. They of course are great recipes but also because she presents them amazingly. Don't believe me? Click HERE or HERE. See! I told you.
Seeing Tabitha's recipe posts made me want to do one too. Then I got to thinking, "I don't cook as well as she does. And when i do cook it's questionable."
But there is one thing I know I can make and make good! Jeremy and I named it "Mexi Good." It's super easy and takes maybe 30 mins all together. So if you need something to make quickly this is it.
My mother made this for me and my brothers all the time while we were growing up. So it's something I know pretty well.
The recipe I have here is for 4 people. Unless you have 2 people that can eat a lot. Usually Jeremy and I can eat all of it. Well, he eats most of it.

First your going to start off with your Hormel chili. That's going to go into a pot over the stove to be heated up for about 5 mins.

Now your going to add your cream cheese. Your only going to use half of the brick. Start spooning small bits into the chili. Stir up a couple before you add more. Once your half brick is all in the chili mixed up good, so good you don't have any chunks, your going to move over to your cookie sheet.
But first, turn your oven on to 350 degrees. You'll use it soon!
I usually put tin foil down for an easy clean up with my cookie sheet. Now put a layer of chips on your cookie sheet. Just cover it up.

Grab your chili from the stove and pour it evenly on your chips. Use your spoon to spread the chili across the chips.

Now you should have a layer of chips covered in chili. Your going to snag the cheese and just slap the cheese all over. Just cover it up with a blanket of cheese.

Now put it in the oven for about 5 mins or until cheese is completely melted.

Get your sour cream for those who would like it and serve it up.
Doesn't that look scrumptious?

1 Can Hormel Chili ( I get No beans but if you like beans in yours get the one that has beans)
1 Package of Plain Cream Cheese
1 Package of Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 Bag of Tostitos Round Chips (You can use the triangle ones, but I prefer the round)
Sour Cream

Do you want to try it just as a dip?
Just use the chili and cream cheese. Put into a serving bowl and throw a little cheese on top and WALA... you have dip for your chips. Either way you serve it, it's yummy! I promise!

Did you try this recipe? Let me know!


FRESH New Haircut

I got a new haircut last Friday and when I first got it I really liked it. Then I went home, studied it in the mirror and decided it didn't look good. So, I was pulling and pinning my bangs back. I waited a couple of days before I styled my hair with the bangs to work. I went a couple hours with them down then decided to pin them back.

Today, I decided to wear them down all day long. I didn't get anything but good feedback. So I'm starting to like them more and more. But I don't think I'll get the same hair cut next time I go for my hair appointment. It's in 6 weeks so it should be enough time to let my hair grow out. Hopefully!

The first day I had my hair styled like this for work one of the kids said, "Miss Crystal, you look like a rock star teacher now." It was cute!



Film Photography

I have never done film photography before. So when I was blessed with a Canon AE-1 film camera I jumped into it. Although I only received this camera on Sunday I've gone through 2 1/2 rolls of film. I have to learn how to set things a certain way to get great photos. And you know what I keep doing? Pulling it away from my face to check out the picture. But guess what? It's not there. That's the hardest part. You have to make sure you get the shot because you only have a certain amount of chances. You can't just click and click and click because you can pick the best one later, you have to be meticulous about it.

Canon AE-1

This is everything I received for this camera. 3 lenses, and the camera body. It's still in pretty good shape.

Canon AE-1

Canon AE-1

It's beautiful. I can't wait to learn more about this amazing machine.



Marshing Marshmallows?

I love s'mores. I could eat as many as I want... well not as many as I want, but I will eat until I feel full from them. So you can imagine the kind of self control I had to have when we made S'mores at school with the kids. We had a pretend fire, sticks for the kids to put their marshmallows on and when everyone had their sticks and marshmallow I announced, "Okay, now you can Marsh your Marshmallow." I had to pause and think about what I had just said. Then said, " I mean roast. Because how do you marsh a marshmallow." Of course the kids didn't care, but my 2 co-workers were like WHAT!

That's what I would call it when we made S'mores over a fire. Marsh Marshmallows. :P

Don't they look sooo good?

They are so good, this little guy had to SMELL his before he started munching on it.

Her mouth may not be full of a S'more, but it is stuffed with a marshmallow. No, we did not play Chubby Bunny, that would not be safe for children this age. She just decided to stuff the whole marshmallow in her mouth. :P

Okay, I think I need to go make a s'more right now. Where are those graham crackers?


Sunday Citar

It's Sunday...

I love that twirl!

“A hair divides what is false and true.”
-Omar Khayyam

“My real hair color is kind of a dark blonde. Now I just have mood hair.”
-Julia Roberts

“I`m such a blonde . It just doesn`t make sense for me to have dark hair”
-Jessica Simpson

I went and got my hair done for a wedding that was 1940 themed. It was so fun. I didn't wear that jacket I'm wearing in the picture. But I did wear a pencil dress with a big red belt and fish net tights and some super duper cute high heels. I don't have a picture of my whole outfit yet, but hopefully I'll get one soon.

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