30 Days Of Fall + Day 22

NIght pictures without flash are the coolest!

My favorite one is here!
My inspiration::: Briony :: She takes some great pictures, go check out her blog. IT'S Great!
Well, winter has found it's way to us... you can either love it or hate it. I choose to embrace it! Today anyway! Woot!



KDLOST said...

love your new signature! very festive!

these pics make me feel like i am on the road in a dream! :)

Briony said...

oooh fun! i wanted to get some last night driving home in the snow but i didn't have my camera...i am sure there will be plenty more opportunities soon :) haha.

i think you, tab and i (and whoever else likes taking pics) should plan something like this...hahaha


Tabitha Blue said...

Love it! I've been taking some night driving pics too! :) They look great and I love your new signature!!

antoinette marie said...

got new snow tires on the ride today....ready to roll....bring it on old man winter! (no just kidding, be gentle dude)

Anonymous said...

the pictures are cool!! i also love the new signatures!