30 Days Of Fall + Day 27

Winter is officially upon us.... I think. LOL. Taking the kids out to play was so much fun! We got to watch the snowfall.

Watch the snow cover the trees, and it was fantastic. Of course all our fingers, toes, and faces were freezing.
Look, we even made a snowman. It was so fun! This is just one of my favorite parts of snow falling on the ground, making snowmen. Yes... this one doesn't have a face or arms, but thats ok. The next one will, LOL. Enjoy your snowy Thanksgiving!



Kelsey said...

Those pictures are beautiful!
I love your snowman, I wonder how you guys make those...I'm going to attempt to make one out of sand lol.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Oh I havent seen snow in person yet this year!! I hope we get a little! I like to watch it fall!

Briony said...

i love love love the bench photo!