30 Days Of Fall + Day 26

OMG I need to finish up my days of fall, WINTER IS HERE! LOL. Although the official start date of winter isn't until December 21st, so.... I guess that means... I have time. Well... for my 26th day of fall this is what I did...I made pancakes for my Hubby's birthday! I woke up before him, or so I thought, and came into the kitchen and made some scrumptious pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Oh... was it good. And believe it or not this was my first time EVER making pancakes. LOL.
MMMM....Delicioso<--Delicious in spanish! It was a great morning, and Hubby can't wait for his TV on Wednesday! LOL. Toodles Crystal


Tabitha Blue said...

Looks good! ... still can't believe it was your first time :)

Anonymous said...

Cj, we have made pancakes together before. Remember on the griddle you bought me a few years ago. Love you my dear. Mom