30 Days Of Fall + Day 10

Cold mornings are the worst... here are some reasons why...
1. Your feet are always freezing when you wake up
2. You feel like you have to walk around in a robe in the mornings because your so cold
3. You don't want to get up (but thats on warm mornings too)
4. YOU HAVE TO SCRAPE YOUR WINDOWS OFF (well us people without garages)
But thankfully for me, my hubby does it for me, that is if we're both going to work that same morning.
He looks like he is having fun, HUH!
I've never had the luxury of being able to park my car in a garage, but hubby here has had that luxury and he does not like scraping off the windows, he lets me know about that when he has to scrape them, LOL.
Well... cold mornings stink, and I can't wait for summer :)




Tabitha Blue said...

LOL, I can only imagine what he's saying while he's scraping!! Well, I guess I don't have to imagine... I can probably guess... I know my brother. LOL Fun times!

Briony said...

hahah I have to scrape mine off every morning too...it stinks having to get up an extra 5min earlier than normal...ahahah missing those 5min makes a big difference :)

the top pic has great coloring!

antoinette said...

imagine how silly you'd feel having a garage and not being able to park in it cause it's so full of JUNK, lol! that's me, dah! but that's what God made hubbies for, isn't it??? blessings...

FatGirlsSkinny said...

Uh yeah, that was my morning too. LAME! I had to use my insurance card because we just moved and I have no idea where my scraper is LOL

KDLOST said...

man o man. cannot remember the last time i had frost on the windshield... but, yes, it is cold enough today for us! i am loving it though.

:) hope you had a great day!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

OMGOSH...it's 88 degrees here! I'm sweating because I refuse to believe I 'need' the AC since it's almost NOVEMBER!



Briony said...

I did find my ipod! I was so happy when I remembered where it was...i missed my music.
And you are so right...that is funny how they were making fun of him in song about singing. ahahaha.
I think when it comes to those kind of films you either love em' or hate em' and i LOVE em'! haha