Summer... my most favorite season of the year. Why you ask? I'll tell you why, because I can wear my cute sandals and show a little leg... *whistle. This summer I've been wearing a lot of skirts, which is new but I like it. You know what else I love about summer? Cute little girls in adorable little sunglasses.

See what I mean...

I was thinking about how many pictures i take of the children I work with everyday. Can you imagine how many pictures I'll take of my own children? A LOT! My computer will probably exploding with pictures, and probably most that I won't ever use, but I'll want to keep just in case.

I had to share this one too... Aren't you so glad I shared this? I know you are.

Well, I need to be heading to bed now... I hope you all had a great Tuesday. Mine was very busy and eventful!



ItRocks2BMom said...

Cute pics.. and yes, if you take this many of other peoples' kids you will take a TON of your own. It's almost like a disease :) And yes, you are also right that you will have a godzillion pics that you will probably never share but it's almost sinful to delete them so you keep them all unless they are just horrible blurry.. and you might keep a few of those :) I won't even tell you how many pics I have of the boys, but it's crazy!

Fresh Mommy said...

Love these!! And I totally LOVE summer. I can't wait to see pics of your kids. :)

Briony said...

she is a doll