4th Of July: Part 2

Being in the parade was awesome. I've done it 2 years in a row and just love it. Even though I always sweat so much and get nice and sticky from the sweat. :P Here are just a select few pictures of our parade experience.

4th Of July 2010

Matt (my brother) and his wife, Ashlee came.

4th Of July 2010

And of course there adorable son, Jude, was there with his red balloon. He's adorable!

4th Of July 2010

Jeremy and Matt are good friends, so of course they were being obnoxious together. Well, mostly my brother. He's just an obnoxious person. :P

4th Of July 2010

My newest nephew was there with his mommy, Tabitha (From Fresh Mommy blog) and he did so good. He walked through the whole thing strapped to his daddy.

4th Of July 2010

My adorable niece, Aliyah was there as well. She enjoyed throwing the candy out to all the children. We all had lots of fun at the parade. We saw people we knew and met new people as well. :P

I hope eveeyone enjoyed their 4th of July! I know i did! :)


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Briony said...

i had a blast...even with the hecka big blisters :)