Family Reunion

Family means so much to me. It always has and always will. We've had family get togethers weekly about as far as I can remember. But this specific family gathering included a lot more than the usual numbers. We had family we haven't seen in forever come and join us. It was awesome and amazing to see and meet people that I am related too.


I discovered I have a 2nd cousin that resembles me in some ways. Along with celebrating family we celebrated my grandpa's 80th birthday.

My grandpa is the best. In the picture he was saying poo poo. And we're not sure exactly why, but he did. :)

We had lots of games and entertainment...

These two were our entertainment. We were all sitting in our lawn chairs around these two while they played in a big bowl of water. It sounds weird but it was hilarious. Plus I think they both liked all the attention.

And as the sun went down we rounded the troops for a bonfire. We made sticky gooey s'mores and my cousins husband brought his guitar and played some tunes for us. It was awesome. A real bonfire experience! We ended not leaving until 1:30 AM. Way to late for a Saturday night. Jeremy and I are usually in bed by at least 10:00 PM. Needless to say we napped the next day.

This was my first Family Reunion. I hope we do it again soon.


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Briony said...

it sounds like you all had an awesome time. you looked beautiful...loved the outfit :)