Vacation: Part 1

While I'm on my vacation I decided to do somethings around the house I wouldn't normally care to do because of my busy schedule. A few days ago I decided I was so over our dining room set. I don't like that the cloth is falling apart on one or that the color is not what I want anymore. As this is all going through my brain I landed on this thought, "Buy new fabric and re do it myself." What a great way to have "new" furniture without spending a bus load of cash. This morning I woke up and decided today was the day, I ate my breakfast, put on my sandals and went out to JoAnn's Fabrics. Of course I tried looking online for a printable coupon first, but didn't find one. They do have great online coupon codes, but I wanted my fabric NOW. Today was when I felt like doing all this hard work. I wasn't going to let waiting for the fabric in the mail keep me from completing my goal. Oh NO!
It took me a little longer then expected to find the right fabric. I'm glad Jeremy didn't come with me, he'd be rushing me to get out of there. When I found the fabric right for me I went and had it cut, paid for it, then came right home to begin my new project.

Please forgive the quality of these photos. They were taken with my iPhone since mine is still in the shop.

The fabric before was a cream color. I chose a black flower pattern. I'm sure I'll want to change it again soon. But no worries, it was so easy.

What should I do next?



Briony said...

go you. way to be productive and creative :)

Karl said...

This is great, I like the choice in fabric and your spunkiness! Your a treat, blessings dad, the other one...