I'm Naked!

I have been without my camera for almost a week now and I feel naked. I don't like it! Why am I with out my camera? Well... I decided that I needed to drop my camera. Not really, it was a complete accident. I did it at my family reunion and the lens was the only problem. I was so worried that I wasn't going to be able to get it fixed right away because I wasn't sure if we got a protection plan on my camera and lenses. I had to wait a whole day before I went searching around for the protection plan papers and guess what? I FOUND IT, and I read that I have a 4 year protection plan on it. You would not believe how excited I was to read that. It still took me a couple of days to make it to Best Buy because of our busy schedule lately. Since my lens was the only broken thing I was hoping that was all they needed to take. But... the lens that broke was the kit lens that came with the camera so they had to send the camera body and the lens out. I really really really didn't want to have to part from my camera for 3 whole weeks, possibly a little longer. But, if I wanted to get my lens fixed I had too. After I thought about it I realized it's really a good thing because they said they would check the body of the camera to make sure there wasn't any damage. So I'm okay with not having my camera for a little bit.

Your probably wondering how I broke my lens... and if your not I'm going to tell you anyways. We were at my family reunion a couple Saturday's ago and I had been doing a good job keeping the camera strap around my neck because I had been getting up and down a lot. That was the whole reason I put the camera strap on my camera, because I can be forgetful and didn't want to set the camera in my lap and then forget and stand up and plop on the floor goes my camera. Even though that was the reason for my strap, I didn't use it this one time after it was handed back to me and I stood up a few minutes later and PLOP goes my camera. Landed right on the lens. At first it was letting me take pictures but I couldn't focus the lens, it was stuck. So then I thought I'll just put it away and look at it later. After setting it back in the camera bag my husband asked to see it. When I took it out of the bag I heard a rattling noise. My first thought was, "OH NO, what was that?" I removed the lens and sure enough one of the most important pieces broke off. Ask me what that piece is I don't know, but what I do know is that piece was important because it helps make the lens work properly.

Seeing how I DON'T have my camera I can't take a picture of the broken lens. :) instead I'll show you a few of the last pictures I took with my camera, before it decided to commit suicide.

He's so cute isn't he.

I can not wait to get my camera back. I hope it's sooner then they said it would be. I'm getting all antsy in my pantys.


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Briony said...

Praise God for the Protection Plan. Wow. I've been procrastinating on getting insurance for my gear but this goes to show you that it's always good to plan ahead.