Top 10 Favorite Posts

To qualify for this give away that Auds @ Barking Mad is having a $250 Target Gift Card and so be entered into this give away I have to post my top 5 or 10 favorite posts. Here goes!

Wedding Wednesday:: A future bride was asking bloggers to share their wedding story and I chose this one has my first favorite post because it's all about my husband and our beautiful wedding.
On Our Way To Work :: I had to post about this funny story my husband told me on our way to work, it was a good one!
Sexy? Well... Maybe :: You'll just have to read it to find out... curious?
Premiere OF Not Me.... Monday :: Mckmama started a therapeutic thing called Not Me... Monday to help bloggers out there let everyone know what they are not doing!
30 Days Of Fall Day 15 :: I went to this park and came home with some of my best photos... in my opinion that is. :)
5 Top Moments of 2008 :: My 5 Top moments of 2008, this was just before NEW YEARS!
30 Days Of Winter Day 5 :: I did a session with some adorable little guys that go to my daycare... they are such cuties!
100th Post :: This was my 10oth post... and I had lots to say on this one... well not that much!
That Guy Of Mine :: This was a post in honor of my husband... great pictures of him on this post! ;)
30 Days Of Winter Day 1 :: The Birth of my first nephew... Tristan
30 Days Of Winter Day 14 :: The Birth of my second nephew... Jude... I am a god mother! :)

Okay... so thats 11 but I couldnt help myself... I had to put that extra one in there about my second nephew Jude... whew... that took alot of work!




Kaitlyn said...

Oh, great idea-- good luck!

Tabitha Blue/Fresh Mommy said...

It would be alot of work... you've got some great posts in there. I really like the park pics too, some of my favs as well.... of course all the baby ones are super adorable!

All great posts, good picks! See you tomorrow!


Rachel H. said...

Good idea! Love your posts!

KDLOST said...

you know i love your blog! hope you win this! :)