100th Post

I was thinking about it a lot last night... what I should do for my 100th post that is. I though about having people ask me questions and whatever they ask me I have to answer, but then I got to thinking, I don't have THAT many people reading my blog YET to do that. In my opinion. So I've decided to do 100 random facts about myself... I hope ya'll stick around to read them all!
1. I got married on May 29, 2008
2. I dated Jeremy for 5 years before we got engaged
3. I had a HUGE cyst on my right wrist and now have a scar from getting it removed (7 stitches)
4. I have a scar on my left eye lid from falling in a hole and a pole a hit it (2 stitches) (I will tell this story another time)
5. I have a scar on my right eye brow from a softball hitting my sunglasses (4 stitches)
6. I was a chain nail biter
7. I like to chew gum... ALOT
8. I take birth control because we are not ready to have babies
9. I secretly want to be pregnant but do not want a baby yet
10. I think I'm getting addicted to ROCKBAND
11. I sleep in my underwear and a t-shirt
12. I like to get Jeremy's belly lint out of his belly button
13. When I got stitches on my eye brow I didn't have anesthesia ( it didn't hurt that bad)
14. I AM going to do a home birth when I have a baby
15. I crack my knuckles ALOT
16. I love chocolate...REESE'S *DROOL*
17. I want a puppy really bad
18. I want a small puppy, that stays small FOREVER
19. I love reading other ladies blogs
20. I love getting comments on my blog... it's fun
21. I want to be able to write better posts
22. I want to be the best wife to Jeremy as I possibly can
23. I really enjoy working with kids (they are so fun & cute)
24. I like reality TV shows
25. I have a TON of wedding pictures hanging around the house
26. I only worked out 1 time last week, my goal=3 times... (I'm going to do better)
27. I LOVE taking pictures
28. I want to take better pictures
29. I want to learn how to play the drums
30. I think I need to get a new purse
31. I've taken 2 pregnancy tests since we've been married (because I thought was pregnant once and the other just for fun)
32. I like to edit pictures in photoshop
33. I want to sky dive
34. I might be to scared to sky dive
35. I was scared to go over 45 when I first started to drive
36. I like to paint my fingernails black
37. My best friend is my husband
38. It's easier sometimes for me to make friends with boys than girls
39. I want to get a boob job (because I want cleavage :)
40. I can't wait to get a house
41. I played the trumpet in school for a few months, then got bored
42. I did 2 talent shows in middle school (we danced)
43. I hated HIGH SCHOOL
44. I did home school for Junior and Senior year (finished both in 1 year)
45. I didn't stay friends with my "friends" from HIGH SCHOOL
46. I have had 1 car my life time - 96 llumina
47. It crapped out on me on the express way
48. I've shot a 12 gauge shotgun
49. I only did it once because it hurt my arm
50. I've never broken a bone in my body
51. I sprained my wrist when I attempted to snow board.
52. My older brother screams like a girl
53. I want Ugg boots
54. I'm trying to get my CDA but still need to do my testing
55. I would rather text than talk on the phone
56. I had Mcdonalds for dinner today
57. I made a really good queso dip and everyone ate it up
58. I used to watch ER religiously
59. I hate driving in the snow
60. Jeremy scares me when he drives in the snow
61. I get up to pee 2-3 times a night
62. I hate vaccuming
63. I love getting massages
64. I like my sister-in-laws
65. I have an Iphone
66. I use a MAC
67. I have a Nikon D40
68. I have to sleep with a fan
69. I like romantic comedies
70. I eat when i'm bored (not a good thing)
71. I have 3 brothers
72. I am a god mother
73. I cried when I was asked to be Jude's god mother
74. I'm extremely emotional
75. I cry when I'm mad
76. I smack peoples arms alot (playfully)
77. I love hearing Jeremy laugh
78. I can be pretty independant
79. I straighten my hair often
80. I've always wanted ringlet curly hair
81. I have a bubbly mole on my right forearm
82. I want to get it removed
83. I am going to take Spanish classes
84. I know some Sign Language
85. I want to take hip hop classes, but I'm not that corrdinated
86. I enjoy scrapbooking
87. I hope your still reading
88. I can sleep in extremely late if I wanted too
89. I used to babysit kids ALL the time it was like a second job
90. We got a 50' plasma and I lOVE IT
91. I love getting things for people
92. I like seeing someone has given me an award
93. I enjoy getting comments from bloggy friends
94. I want to do a baby photo session with Tristan (my nephew)
95. I have a step father, and he's awesome
96. When my mom got pregnant for my younger brother, Michael, I was sad when we found out he was a boy
97. I dressed up my younger brother, Stephan, in too too's and girly things
98. I miss being a kid sometimes
99. I'm writing a book with all the funny things kids say at the daycare
100. I am deeply in love with the sexiest man alive... my husband

There you have it... hopefully you stuck around to get to this point. It is a long list of things. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it... it was fun. And.. it didn't take me as long as I thought it would... great news there. Well... see you next time on my 101 post! Woo hoooo!




Mrs. S said...

Happy 100th post!! How fun!!

And don't think I'm crazy, but I think we are meant to be friends. Holy crap I identified with seriously almost ALL of the 100. How fun(scary) would it be to get bloggers together to have an IRL sky diving??

Hope you have a good day!!

KDLOST said...

WHOO HOO! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Phew! I read the whole thing lol
Congrats on your 100th post! :)
Ps..the bubbly mole thing made me laugh. I don't know why but it did lol

Tabitha Blue said...

I made it to the end.... great list... I'm the same with most of those!!! Oh, and when you say 'sister-in-laws'... ummm, does that mean me!!???!!!!??!!

I secretly want to be pregnant, but not ready for another baby... soon, but not quite yet.



Anonymous said...

Cj, this is too cool. I laughed on most of them but also cried on a few. I think it is really great that you and Jeremy will be godparents for Jude, nobody could ask for a couple of great godparents. Jude is one lucky child. (but I am one lucky mother and grandmother). Love you Mom

Husband said...

LOL. So number 9 is no longer a secret and I especially liked 60. Great list baby!

Kelli said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog! We have a couple of things in common...I ALSO homeschooled the last two years of high school! And I love photography, art, kids, and puppies too. :) Have a good week! ~Kelli

Kaitlyn said...

Happy 100! I read the whole thing :) I too, would love to be pregnant, but I am SO NOT READY for a child. Also, I think it's totally awesome you want a home birth and that your husband is allowing it-- Ryan is so dead. set. against. it.

Victoria said...

Love the list! Especially 12, 38, 70,(beacuse I do the same!) and for 99 I heard an 8 yr old twin tell his brother "Some kids have A.D.D., others have A.D.H.D., but you have L-A-Z-Y!"

:) Have a good one!