That Guy Of Mine

We Are That Family has started up something great... S.W.A.K. (Check out my SWAK button on the bottom right) Along with that you can take The Kiss Challenge... go check her blog out to see what that is all about!
The SWAK Carnival starts TODAY, and we are to honor our husbands any way we want... I am choosing to honor my hunk of burning love with photos! I love you BABY... Happy Valentines Day
Here we are, I was a Sophmore in high school, haven't started dating, but knew we had an interest in each other.
He took me to disney world and had fun himself... (It was my first time ever going)
Yeah... he's hiding behind a tree! Here Jeremy proposed to me, we are all dressed up but I was seriously surprised, I thought it was a birthday dinner for his sister & I :)
And this guy looks so cool in sunglasses! WHew!We took a road trip this year, our first one together and as a married couple, and it was definitely worth the sore butt!
He's got the cutest little tooshie... Seriously... what did you look at first the pole or his toosh!?
He is so awesome... he lets me do his hair, and then take pictures of it!
We have so much fun together! I love being silly with him!
And I love kissing his soft lips... *he has a freckle on his lip, I just love it!

And our wedding was just beautiful... we got married in Hawaii a year earlier than we had planned. The best decision we have ever made, so far. :) I love my husband so much... I know this man is the man of my dreams!

Go read other womans posts honoring their husbands.... you'll for sure find some great ones.



Cindy said...

You both are just made for each other...I only know from the beautiful pics :) I love that b/w close up!

Kelli said...

That's precious! Beautiful photos!

Emily said...

The photo of him in the sunglasses, close up - he looks like Tony Stewart :) (Nascar driver)

Yay on getting married in Hawaii. My husband and I didn't have a big wedding, just a private deal with me, him, the clerk, and a witness. Best move ever. :)

KDLOST said...

i seriously think this may be one of my favorite posts of yours! i love the proposal shot and the wedding shot! gorgeous!

Tabitha Blue said...

This is seriously sweet!! I love all those photos and the stories that go along with each.

A cute couple for sure... and so glad it's my family!!!


Gerri said...

What a great beginning to your love story. :)

antoinette marie said...

since you weren't a couple yet in disneyworld, it's a good thing minnie mouse didn't steal him away from you, lol! great photos, particularly love the dance photo, you both look so young! blessings...

Briony said...

such a sweet post. i love the proposal shot and of course the photo-booth shots :)