30 Days Of Winter +Day 1

7:00 PM - *Ring Ring*
Me: HEy Stephan
Stephan:Hey Cj (My nickname), Malayna is going into labor, I'm on my way to get her and take her to the hospital.
Me: Okay, well, call me when you get there.
Stephany: Okay, bye.

7:30 PM - *Ring Ring*
MOM: CJ come get me and we'll head up to the hospital now.
Me: Okay I'm on my way.
Mom: Take your time and watch out for kids! (yeah I don't know either!?!)

8:00 - We get to the hospital and Malayna is told to walk around for an hour to help speed up her labor and bring her contractions closer together. Every few mins she stops and cringes from the pain. At this point, she is ready to shoot this baby out.

8:30 - Malayna convinces the nurse to let her lay down, and she can't stand to walk any longer. Surprisingly, the nurse, who wasn't very nice, gave in.

9:00- ONly dialated 4

9:00 - 2:30- Sitting around with family talking about way back when we were little, and reminising. Then.... Stephan comes out and says they are starting any minute now.

3:15- Tristan Clark was born into our world, 6 pounds 6 ounces, 18 inches long! And he has my brothers nose!!!

There they are, he is so tiny! Kudos to you Malayna. You did awesome.This was just minutes after he came into the world. Malayna looks so good for just giving birth! woOT!
4:30 - Got home and went to sleep
7:15- Got up and went to work ( I know it I'm exhausted.)
Soon, I will be in my bed catching up on some ZZZ's
P.S. I forgot to take my camer to the hospital, I know how could I, and so I had to use my phone to take these pictures, not to bad for an iphone ehhh!



Jess said...

Awww what a beautiful baby!

Tabitha Blue said...

So cool, congrats to them!!! I'm sure they're so happy.... and I can't believe you stayed the whole time, what a sweet sister!!

Oh and those mirrors are from my cool modern hotel in San Fran! :)

Briony said...

Ahh! That is so awesome! She looks absolutely beautiful and Tristan is adorable. Congrats!

KDLOST said...

Congratulations Auntie! :)

Girl, you don't NEED to lose 10 lbs!!! Seriously. All I do is try to maintain a healthy weight by working out 4 - 5 times a week (when I CAN, of course) and then cutting back on carbs when things start getting snug. Heh heh. But seriously, 10 lbs?!! NO! You'd blow away in the wind! :) Cheers to y'all and that beautiful baby!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Precious! Thanks for sharing :) ♥ Hugs!

Christina said...

Congrats on the new nephew! I am sure you will be a fabulous Auntie!

Annie said...

Congrats on your new nephew! How exciting!

Shelley said...

How precious that you got to be there for the birth.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Yay for babies!! Congratulations!

antoinette marie said...

congrats auntie cj...love his name! blessings...

Debbie said...

Hi Crystal...thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. You are all linked up!

Tabitha Blue said...

I love the way you broke this story down!!

You've been tagged...

ka1t_lyn said...

Congrats on the new baby in the family!

Anonymous said...