30 Days Of Winter +Day 5

Today I got the wonderful pleasure of taking pictures of 2 adorable little guys! We'll call one NFL and the other NHL. They did such a great job, and we had loads and loads of fun. Of course NHL was so excited I was coming over to his house. Right when I walked through the door he started yelling, "Miss Crystal, Miss Crystal." And NFL had lots of things to tell and show me. NHL is still coming to the daycare, but his brother NFL is in 1st grade now, so I don't get to see him as often.

Yeee-haw riding cowboy.... he took his hat off and everything. It was the perfect shot.

I love these two pictures. I got lots of great shots, but these are just a few that I liked out of the whole bunch! I'll share some more later!
Well... I'm off!



Justin and Jenn said...

If you click on the title of the song on my blog- it takes you to the song. It's hilarious!

The Branches said...

Lovely pictures! I love taking photos too...that is when people don't run from me! ha! I just got my CS4 in and I can't wait to use it! Do you use Lightroom too?

Kelsey said...

How cute is that middle picture!? Great work!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good job!

NewlywedCentral said...

Great pics -- I love preschoolers -- I was a Kindergarten Teacher for 4 years and I LOVED it :)

Cindy said...

They're adorable and your pics are fantastic!

Tabitha Blue said...

So cute!!!! I'm sure their mommy loves the shots... and that second one is too precious!! They are such cuties!!



Rachel H. said...

Two cute!! Little kids are so much fun!

Living for the Little Moments said...

Hi! First of all I really like your pictures from this post!

Secondly, while I would love to say my lab is talented to wink on cue it was complete chance that my husband captured that moment on camera. I couldn't resist posting the picture though!

Hope you have a good day!