30 Days Of Winter +Day 14

He's born, he is in the world!!! Everyone meet Jude... he's my nephew... and I'm his godmother... no I'm not bragging about it, I'm just excited about it!
He looks like his daddy, that is for sure!

Also... I got to watch my other nephew Tristan for a whole night. This was my FIRST time watching an infant who is only 8 weeks old. AND he did so good. He SLEPT through the whole night, but of course his little coos woke me up, and I just had to make sure everything was okay! And it was... I took him to his daddy the next morning and I went to work. Surprisingly enough I was pretty awake, and wasn't very tired, until it came to be the end of the day, then I started to get sleepy, but who wouldn't? :)

Jeremy and I were given this BEAUTIFUL yet SIMPLE desk... I love it! I still need a chair, but hopefully Jeremy and I will get one this weekend! I would like to sit at it rather than kneel at it on my knees, it gets uncomfortable after awhile! :)
Here's my little corner...I was reading some material about children, because I work with CHILDREN!

Also... I put some old music on my laptop the other night because I want to sell the CDs in my brother in laws online Book Store. As you can see most of these bands are OLD but I still like to listen to some of the them... so sue me!
Question:: What is your all time favorite CD?




antoinette marie said...

"the best of k.c. and the sunshine band"....i missed my era when i wasn't a teen in the seventies, don't care for eighties music much...jude is a super dooper cool name and he's adorable! congrats! blessings....

Tabitha Blue said...

congrats on the new nephew!!! and the successful sleepover! and the new desk!! you rock babe! miss you.



Mrs. S said...

Believe it or not, I loved the CD by Hole, you know Courtney Love's old band? And No Doubt! I LOVED No Doubt!

Kaitlyn said...

The very first Fall Out Boy album. The one right before they hit mainstream. Not for musical integrity, simply for the memories those songs turn up for me.

Cindy said...

Congrats on the new nephew, he's adorable!

I love that desk. I want something simple just to work at, and that's it!

I'm glad the night with Tristan went well.

Music..hmmmm...I don't think I have an all time fav..I like so much music...I'll get back to you :)

KDLOST said...

Yay! He's darling. Love that desk, too!!

My favorite CD: Beatles, Rubber Soul. BEST. CD. EVER. :) Of course, it was a casette tape to me the first time I heard it...

Gerri said...

Good post. Congrats on your new God-baby. Good work Monday night. Isn't sitting for tiny ones fun? Wow, we have some things in common. Love Alanis, in to the Cranberries, like some Usher from time to time, and dig the BSB too. :)

My favorite...wow, that is hard. Hmmmm....I can't choose. But I will admit, in my car right now, I am listening to HSM 3, Best of Shania, Barbra Streisand Duets, and the new Jamie Foxx! lol.

Rachel H. said...

Congrats on the beautiful nephew! And really cute desk. Where did it come from?