Marshing Marshmallows?

I love s'mores. I could eat as many as I want... well not as many as I want, but I will eat until I feel full from them. So you can imagine the kind of self control I had to have when we made S'mores at school with the kids. We had a pretend fire, sticks for the kids to put their marshmallows on and when everyone had their sticks and marshmallow I announced, "Okay, now you can Marsh your Marshmallow." I had to pause and think about what I had just said. Then said, " I mean roast. Because how do you marsh a marshmallow." Of course the kids didn't care, but my 2 co-workers were like WHAT!

That's what I would call it when we made S'mores over a fire. Marsh Marshmallows. :P

Don't they look sooo good?

They are so good, this little guy had to SMELL his before he started munching on it.

Her mouth may not be full of a S'more, but it is stuffed with a marshmallow. No, we did not play Chubby Bunny, that would not be safe for children this age. She just decided to stuff the whole marshmallow in her mouth. :P

Okay, I think I need to go make a s'more right now. Where are those graham crackers?


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Christina Lusk said...

If I ever buy a boat I'm naming it S.S. That's it. Just S.S. It stands for Superman's sunlight. I'll be naming it after you. Amazing s'more shots!