Horse Riding

I've only gone horse back riding ONCE my whole life. And when I did I was freaking out. My horse was doing zig zags the whole time. He knew I didn't have confidence and would steer himself towards the yummy grass. Which then I would use the reigns and redirect him on a straight path. But I would go to far and go to the other side of the road, and so on and so forth.
Well, this last time I got to ride on a horse, which happened to be on Thursday, I got to go bare back and it wasn't a full size horse, it was a pony.

Isn't he a beauty. His name is Fiddlesticks and my friend Stephanie brought him to let the kids where I work ride him. They had so much fun. There were a few who didn't want to ride or even touch Fiddlesticks, but they still enjoyed watching the other kids ride him. Even all the teachers rode him, that was silly.

Isnt' that fun!?

Fiddlesticks was a good and corruptive horse. Thank you Stephanie for sharing your horse. :P


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Life with Kaishon said...

I love fiddlesticks! Love that sweet little pony! Kaish and Shoshi have been wanting to go horseback riding every weekend. My legs are sore and my horses eat grass the whole time. I am not in control...and I don't love it. They do though, so I just keep going : )