Yes, I did!

YES that is me in that chicken suit. I totally put on a chicken suit for the kids today because we have a Barnyard theme these 2 days and totally mixed up the date we were supposed to have the pony and horse brought in. I gave the person who was bringing in the horses the wrong date. So... I said to myself, "There is suppose to be a special visit from SOMEBODY or something. I just don't know." So I figured it out and said to myself, again, "I'll wear that chicken suit." The kids LOVED it.

There was only a few who didn't want to give "MR. Chicken" a hug. But now one cried and freaked. I did keep my distance though, I didn't want to freak anyone out on purpose. Before I came in though, MIss Marla, talked to the kids about who is coming to visit, a big chicken who looks like big bird, and she did say it's a costume, but didn't tell them who was inside of it. I think most of them didn't realize that a person had to be inside the costume. :P

After all the chicken fun we had we did get a visit from not a horse and a pony but a PONY! The kids LOVED IT!

Even I did!

By the way, that Chicken suit was HOT!




Miss Anne said...

how sweet are you!?


truth be told... i once played the Easter Bunny at the local mall when I was in HS... seriously those costumes are INSANELY warm!

:) very cool of you to do that for the kids!

Christina Lusk said...

You remind me so much of me when I was your age:P But seriously, We are no strangers to the chicken, or the ape (much scarier for that group obviously) costume. You rock Crystal Rae! Thanks for your dedication to those preciouses.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love the children's happy smiles! That just made my day Crystal! Totally made my day!