My First Recipe

My sister over at Fresh Mommy does an amazing job cooking. I love when she has posts with her recipes. They of course are great recipes but also because she presents them amazingly. Don't believe me? Click HERE or HERE. See! I told you.
Seeing Tabitha's recipe posts made me want to do one too. Then I got to thinking, "I don't cook as well as she does. And when i do cook it's questionable."
But there is one thing I know I can make and make good! Jeremy and I named it "Mexi Good." It's super easy and takes maybe 30 mins all together. So if you need something to make quickly this is it.
My mother made this for me and my brothers all the time while we were growing up. So it's something I know pretty well.
The recipe I have here is for 4 people. Unless you have 2 people that can eat a lot. Usually Jeremy and I can eat all of it. Well, he eats most of it.

First your going to start off with your Hormel chili. That's going to go into a pot over the stove to be heated up for about 5 mins.

Now your going to add your cream cheese. Your only going to use half of the brick. Start spooning small bits into the chili. Stir up a couple before you add more. Once your half brick is all in the chili mixed up good, so good you don't have any chunks, your going to move over to your cookie sheet.
But first, turn your oven on to 350 degrees. You'll use it soon!
I usually put tin foil down for an easy clean up with my cookie sheet. Now put a layer of chips on your cookie sheet. Just cover it up.

Grab your chili from the stove and pour it evenly on your chips. Use your spoon to spread the chili across the chips.

Now you should have a layer of chips covered in chili. Your going to snag the cheese and just slap the cheese all over. Just cover it up with a blanket of cheese.

Now put it in the oven for about 5 mins or until cheese is completely melted.

Get your sour cream for those who would like it and serve it up.
Doesn't that look scrumptious?

1 Can Hormel Chili ( I get No beans but if you like beans in yours get the one that has beans)
1 Package of Plain Cream Cheese
1 Package of Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 Bag of Tostitos Round Chips (You can use the triangle ones, but I prefer the round)
Sour Cream

Do you want to try it just as a dip?
Just use the chili and cream cheese. Put into a serving bowl and throw a little cheese on top and WALA... you have dip for your chips. Either way you serve it, it's yummy! I promise!

Did you try this recipe? Let me know!



Anonymous said...

I don't think I should EVER try this! But, baby, it looks goooood.

Kathryn said...

Yumm! Looks delicious.. Great job feeding that man!

Fresh Mommy said...

Ok, YUM. This is making me so hungry RIGHT NOW! :)

Anonymous said...

My little girl did me proud. This is such a fun dish to make and good as well. This is one thing I use to make that you and your brothers would eat. Everybody loved it.