*Story Time*

ka1t_lyn @ upturned barbie tagged me in this interesting story time. You add a paragraph on to this story, that other have participated in. Read the story and then add your paragraph and then tag others. For the rules go HERE.
Here is the story....

The bus was more crowded than usual. It was bitterly cold outside, and I hadn't prepared for it. I noticed that a fair number of the riders were dressed curiously. As I glanced around, I stretched my feet and kicked up against a large, heavy cardboard box laying under the seat in front of me. (Splotchy)

I hunched down to see what it was, but as I did, the bus violently veered to left. I was thrown up against a heavyset Asian woman with blond hair. I pardoned myself, but she faced forward with no reply. Just then, a man wearing a jumpsuit of silver and gold stood up at the front of the bus. He was holding a megaphone and a box of graham crackers. He held the megaphone up to his face and began to speak... (Some Guy)

"Ladies and Gentlemen...please do not be afraid! I am here to help you" he said in a mighty booming voice. As he began to step towards me I felt a hand creep its way around my throat and all of a sudden I was pressed against the mighty bosom of the Asian woman as she she hauled me to my feet. She began to back away from the costumed crusader all the while holding me, feet dangling in the air. I panicked and my eyes searched the bus, hoping to connect with someone, anyone who would be able to help me. My eyes met those of the hero in gold and just as I began to gasp for air he yelled...(~E)

„Put her down and no one gets hurt“, he yelled at the Asian woman. All the passengers turned to see what was going on and, as they did, I noticed they were more panicked than I was. A small bespectacled man closest to us hissed at my captor and said in a low voice „Take me, just don't hurt her.“ My fear gave way to curiosity. Who were all these people, and why were they so concerned for my well being?The Asian blonde's back was now pressed against the back of the bus, and she increased her grip on me as the megaphone man crept slowly towards us. As he passed through the bus people started getting up, and now they formed a small army behind him. He raised the box of graham crackers above his head and put his lips to the megaphone... (That Damn Expat)

"Since you refuse to cooperate, I will have to use my secret weapon!" Suddenly a laser like light shot out of the box of graham crackers and everything went black. I don't know how much time passed, but I awoke in a mysterious room with a terrible headache. Immediately I assumed that I had been captured and began wondering why me? Why not the Asian lady who seemed to be the source of trouble? Just then, a woman walked into the room wearing a gold lame' dress, she said...(Laura)

"Oh, you are awake? I am glad you're okay...", and she gave me a glass of water. Apparently I fainted at her boutique while picking out some clothing. I am so relieved that it was just a dream. Being captive is not my cup of tea. Besides, who was that big Asian woman? And what's up with that horrible blond hair she had? Asian people would never look pretty with blond. She was freaky. I thanked the boutique owner and decided to walk outside. It is really nice day out. Oh wait.. I am hungry. I should get something to eat. "What should I eat?", I was talking to myself when.... (Maki)

I spotted a box of graham crackers. Suddenly suspicious, I began to peer around. At first, nothing looked all that familiar. My eye began to catch specks of gold, hidden under jackets and ill-fitting clothing. A heinous shade of gold hair. Nervously, I peered back at the graham crackers. Deciding I was being far too paranoid for my own good, I headed down the sidewalk to my car. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of all-too-familiar spectacles. Rushing, I tried to covertly follow the spectacles but.... (upturned.barbie)

they disappeared. Was this a dream or did it really happen. As I was trying to decide whether this all really happened to me I noticed a red laser aimed at the wall in front of me. I quickly turned around to see a man in a silver and gold jumpsuit holding a graham cracker box. It wasn't a dream! When I reached jumpsuit man he explained to me that I was captured and taken to the boutique, but what he didn't know was why they let me leave. As I stood there I started to feel pain in my...(Crystal)

That was very interesting... I'd like to see what these people come up with....
Briony @ Todays Daybreak Tomorrows Horizon
KDLOST @ Froggity
MRS. NEwlywed @ Misadventures Of A Newlywed
Tabitha @ Fresh Mommy
Lets see what you ladies can come up with... can't wait to read em'



ka1t_lyn said...

Oh how neat, I like how you continued it! Thanks for participating!

Splotchy said...

Yes! I am glad the man in the jumpsuit has returned.

Thanks a lot for playing.