30 Days Of Winter +Day 6

Jeremy and I had our niece and nephew over, and some of you might recognize one of them, It's Baby Blue, Tabitha @ Fresh Mommy is her mommy!!! We were being asked ALOT by Little Man, our nephew, to come over to our house. And since we were having him over we thought why not, lets have Baby Blue over too. Jeremy kept Little Man company doing what boys do best, play video games, and Baby Blue and I made cookies!Yes... that is chocolate on her face, she kept sneaking chocolate chips! She made a big mess with them on the counter, I'm starting to think she did that on purpose so she could snag more than one!Trying to get Jeremy's attention so he can watch her stir the cookie dough.After we baked cookies she saw the lemons in my fruit bowl, so she said, "Crystal, I have a lemon?" So I cut up a little wedge and she sucked on that for about a total of 2 seconds.
After she was done with your lemon, Baby Blue and I made a tent because she was trying to get me to climb under Uncle Jeremy's legs to hide with her, but, I'm a little to big to squeeze in between the tables we have and the couch. After we got bored with our tent, which was about 4 mins, we painted each others fingernails. I just had her use sparkles on me, that way you couldn't see color all over my fingertips instead of my nails. But, I have to give it to her she did a pretty good job keeping it on my nails. She would just dab it in one spot though.
Here is Little Man with Uncle Jeremy. He loves playing Little Big Planet on the PS3, as do I. He was really concentrated on that game, when I called his name he wouldn't even look at me. :)
After Little Man got to play the video game for a bit we ate some dinner, then watched Veggie Tales: The Toy That Saved Christmas. We also played with some flashlights we found and turned off ALL the lights in the house, it was lots and lots of fun! We most definitely will be doing it again!

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Tabitha Blue said...

Awwww, that's so sweet!!!! She had SO MUCH FUN over there... and really made a connection with Jeremy too. She talks about him all the time now too :)

So glad she was able to spend time with you guys!!!
Love you!

Kaitlyn said...

That looks like a great time!

The Branches said...

awe...it's so much fun to cook with little ones! Messy, but fun!

Cindy said...

What a beautiful girl and your photos as always are gorgeous!

Rachel H. said...

She is SO cute! I want her!!

KDLOST said...

Well that's a fun day!

I still haven't forgotten about your tag by the way... but I may have to save it for a rainy day... :) which may be soon...


Megan said...

Awwww, sounds like you guys made the little visit really fun! =)