Home Sweet Home

After 9.5 hours of driving in a car last night I was POOPED! We left at 1 PM and got home at 10:45 ish. We both fell right into our comfortable bed and well... we almost fell right to sleep. First we had to play solitare on our phones. It has become a ritual, we lay down, get our phones out, play a couple games of solitare. Yeah, it's weird.
We woke up this morning and I went shopping for a couple of things and started baking for our Family and Friends, and now, I'm getting really sleepy!!! Lets hope I can stay awake tonight at the B Family get together!
Here are just a few pictures of our trip, when I have more energy and POWER, I will post some more! We had so much fun on this trip and we can not wait to take another ROAD TRIP together. Thank GOD we didn't have to work today! Whew!If your wondering why he is squating and making that face it's because he said the bench was wet so he wouldn't sit his butt down and he made THAT face. But when it came to be my turn it wasn't wet! I don't get it. :)OUtside of the MALL on a bench!Here we are getting ready to go to the Smithsonian: American History Museum.This is us on our way home, we only stopped at the Pennsylvania sign because Ohio and Michigan snuck up on us AND it was dark. OH... and Maryland and Virginia were in odd places. This was at the Capitol. WE were looking at a HUGE Christmas tree on display in the yard. It was beautiful! I think I got a picture of it. If I do I'll share that with the next batch!
Merry Christmas Everyone... few more days left!



Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing your pics! Glad you're home. When the opportunity presents itself..Santa left you a Christmas spirt award on my blog. Merry Christmas, Crystal (and family)

Aleta said...

You're making me home sick for my second home away from home. My cousins live in Maryland and I've visited countless times over the years and we always, always went to DC. It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures and wishing you a Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Glad your home!!! Did you take 95?? It can definetly make for a long trip!!

Megan said...

Great pics!

Merry Christmas!

ipv6 said...

me wonder where all those wet gone.. ;)

Tabitha Blue said...

Definitely a long trip, but great pics and glad you're home safely!!!!! I like the first one of Jeremy, LOL. I was wondering what he was doing, and then couldn't help but notice the red X underneath it! You got some good shots though!!!!