30 Days Of Summer +17

Yeah, summer, it wasn't long enough. Although summer is behind us I would like to attempt to finish my 30 Days Of Summer in hopes to accomplish that. :)

Yesterday was my wonderful mothers birthday. And when I heard her previous birthday celebration plans were canceled I knew we had to do something for her. So, I called my brother and sister in law to plan a surprise. I told her my idea to have Ashlee, my SIL, invite her out for her birthday to Olive Garden (my mom's favorite restaurant) and Jeremy, Matt (my brother), Michael (my youngest brother), and I will be waiting to surprise her. So, yesterday I left work, we picked up Michael who thought he was just coming over to our house to play video games, I had to keep him in the dark because I didn't want him to accidentally spoil the surprise :). After we picked up Michael we headed to Olive Garden and had the table ready to go and everything. When I got there I asked the Hostess if when 2 woman come in with short hair one wearing a blue dress and when they say 2 for Ashlee to bring them back to our table. I did ask her if there were alot of people waiting to be seated if she could wait a few mins before she brings them back, so as to not tip my mom off. We anxiously waited for the hostess to bring them back, we knew they were waiting because Ashlee had texted Matt letting him know that they had arrived. My mom didn't even notice us until she came almost right up to the table, and right when she did she started crying. I knew she would. :) It was awesome because she thought none of her kids were doing anything for her for her birthday. She even told my SIL, "I can't believe none of my kids want to take me out for my birthday with you." So you can imagine how surprised she was. It was AWESOME.
She got to open her gifts, Ashlee and Matt got her a keychain/Locket engraved Grandmother on it. And I picked out an outfit with matching jewelry for her. We had balloons and everything. She is definitly a blessed woman. :)

I would share a picture but didn't think about grabbing my camera to take a shot. :(

But I'll leave with this adorable picture of my little nephew... this would be Matt & Ashlee's adorable little man.

Crystal Rae Photography
He was at the party too..


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Gerri said...

Adorable shots of Jude. :)