30 Days Of Summer +Day 19

Jeremy and I heard that at the Courtland Mall there were baby tigers that you could go and get in their cages and PLAY with them. I knew that was something I wanted to experience. I've never touched a live tiger before, be it a baby one or adult. Although, I'm not sure I would ever want to touch a full grown tiger. That would be too freaky. It did cost some money but not alot and we got to spend 8 mins with this little tiger. It was a girl and she had no name because you can adopt them and then name them yourself. Jeremy and I are looking into adopting one, because all the animals they take care of are rescued. It's really awesome what they do. They don't just take care of tigers but monkeys, kangaroos, and lots of other wild animals in need of rescueing. I was extremely excited too because we got to take our camera in and get as many pictures as we wanted. So here are a few I got.

It was an awesome thing... I extremely enjoyed it and was so glad we ended up going. It was fun too because she kept biting my belt on my coat, it was a tiny bit scary because I didn't want her to bite my skin, and/or put a hole in any of my clothes. :)
We also got to go to this guys magic show which we didn't stay and watch, it wasn't a very good magic show. :P

Well... catch ya later.



MissJody said...

What an experience...lucky!
Those are beautiful creatures :)
So sad how we treat animals..
they can't be released back out into the wild? Your right, probably wouldn't survive.
Great pictures :)

antoinette marie said...

gorgeous animal and great pics! blessings...

Anonymous said...

you guys went to, awesome, we took Liana in the cage as well, check out my blog i have some video, although the tiger slept most the time and Liana was tired too, lol

Aleta said...

OMG! This reminded me of holding a baby tiger when I was in Vegas. There was a long line, but we got in for free and held the cub. It was SO cool of an experience. I'd love to do it again. LOVED the pictures! Beautiful animals, aren't they! Sounds like a great organization to help the animals.

Gerri said...

Very, very brave. :)