30 Days Of Summer +Day 15

This summer has been one of the fastest summers EVER! I can't believe we'll be starting school in less than 2 days. It's amazing, really it is. This summer has been full of plenty accomplishments as well. I've taken several senior pictures for a few girls graduating and/or who are already graduated. I have taught 6-9 year olds tips on cooking. I have been learning new things with photography everyday. One thing I'm so proud of myself for doing is making a website for my photography business I am working so hard on.
Check it out and give me feedback. I appreciate any ones comments.

Crystal Rae Photography



MissJody said...

Great Job Lady on all your accomplishments! :)
Very happy for you.
Your photography is amazing

Fresh Mommy said...

So happy and excited for you!!!! Love the site, great job!!! You did awesome with it, and I know how much work goes into putting one together. Way to go!


Briony said...

i love this shot! the composition is awesome and man does that lil smile just make me smile. great job girl!

antoinette marie said...

will be checking it out soon...blessings!

Life with Kaishon said...

Too sweet for words!

Gerri said...

Noah had a blast this Summer. :)