30 Days Of Summer +Day 15

This week has been a extremely crazy week, working hard, long hours and when I get home it's sleep time. Haven't been on the computer long enough to post on my blog, whoopsies. :p

We had Aliyah spend the night with us several nights ago, while she stayed we were asked to give her a bath. Before her bath Jeremy was letting her play with his old toys he played with when he was young, so she was able to play with them in the bath. When I left to get a towel I asked Jeremy to sit with Aliyah, when I came back he was playing with the toys while she was "swimming" and going under water.

Look how excited he was to play with these.

While Jeremy was sitting there he told me he wished he could fit in the tub with all his toys again. :)
That guy is so funny!
I love him so much.



Fresh Mommy said...

Haha, that is just way too funny and too cute! I remember when he used to play in the bathtub, all the time!!


Gerri said...

lol this is awesome. :)