3 Months

Can you believe our little squirt is 3 months old.  Time really does fly by when you start having kids.  I truly can not believe Corbin is 3 months, It seems just yesterday we were carrying a 7lb baby home from the hospital.  I saw a photo the other day of a mother holding her newborn baby, I seriously had tears in my eyes because my little Corbin is not a newborn any more.  Then I thought, why am I already crying about this.
Happy 3 months baby boy!


Slow down buddy!

A few other shots I got...





Moving Forward said...

Love that smile!

Judy Birdsall said...

He is so handsome! And mom, there will be lots more milestones to look forward to and great memories to look back on but time never stands still so enjoy every second! Love you

Aleta said...

Great pictures. He has beautiful eyes!

Gerri said...

You sure did make a cute baby!!