Hump Day Dump... Detroit River and Sunsets

I made it... I made it... I actually made my post on WEDNESDAY!  I've been extremely busy going back to work full time, and juggling house work, taking care of baby, and making sure I have everything I need for work.


•I can not and will never get over how cute that little face is.
•Tristan and I found this huge boulder on a walk we took.  Of course we had to sit in it.
•The beautiful scenery we experienced on the Detroit Princess on the Detroit river.
•The fire, fake of couse, that was in the limo ride.
•Little Bella boo.
•Play time with friends.  While watching Bella and Jayden we made lots of messes and had fun.
•Micah and Corbin hanging out!
•All the desserts that my co-workers got for me to enjoy
•Jeremy and I on the Detroit Princess
•My cubicle at work celebrating my 25th Birthday, oh gosh I'm old.

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Fresh Mommy said...

Yay for posting on Wednesday!! Love all your pics and especially anything with Corbin in it!! And the river, wow, gorgeous. :)

Glad you had a great birthday. Love ya!


Aleta said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Love that bolder picture! Looks definitely framable!