Hump Day Dump

A weekly tradition over at Fresh Mommy Blog, dumping all your instagram photos from the past week into a collage.  I've been faithful in posting 2 weeks in a row.  Lets hope I can keep this up. :)


*We got to watch a pie eating contest at Taste Of Fenton, a community event where surrounding restaurants offer small bites of their best dishes.  Needless to say we enjoyed a few things.  
*Little Sophia holding baby Cordin (yes I spelt that with a D instead of a B, because little Sophia turns the B into a D) and Ethan poking his head in on the fun.
*Skyping with Aunt Brittney, Corbin wanted to say hi! Plus, momma wanted some face time with her best friend
*Daddy playing with Corbin.  I love watching these two together. Jeremy is such a great daddy, I can't wait to see what kind of trouble they will get into when Corbin is older.
*Corbin's many facial expressions.  I'm so glad I get to capture them.
*We love going to birthday parties and this one just happened to be a batman themed party.  So much fun!

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Fresh Mommy said...

Aww cute pics!! I'm so glad you're linking up! :) And I want to hold Corbin again!! :)