Work Parties Are The Best

Heading back to work after my birthday weekend I stopped at Starbucks and was on my way to work.  As I was walking in I got a text saying ,"What time are you getting here today?"  After responding with "I'm here now,"  I started to think ugh that's kind of weird.  I brushed it off and turned the corner to reach my cube.  While making my way closer I see lots of different colors, then I see it.  There was no opening to get to my chair or my computer for that matter.  But the crepe paper covering the entrance to my cube was only the half of it.  Peaking over the paper wall I can see that it was filled with BALLOONS! My first thought, "Seriously?"  All I could do was laugh, and laugh some more.  You'll see I actually made it to my chair with all those balloons in there.  I just ripped some of the paper at the top and climbed over and pushed my way to my chair.  Boy was it a fun day of trying to get in and out of my cube.

Work Birthday BashWhile popping balloons throughout the day I got to enjoy some lovely notes written by those I work with.  This made it okay that I had to deal with all those balloons through out the day.  My favorite note?  Had to be the one that said, "I love when you burp and hiccup!"  Which I find myself doing ALOT at work and apparently loudly if everyone else knows when my body is making weird noises.
Needless to say, I had a great 26th birthday! Thanks guys for helping make this birthday a memorable one.

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