The Birthday of All Birthdays

Your 1st birthday is not one that you tend to remember as a child, but your parents do, and that's why I made sure Corbin's 1st birthday was one to remember.  Choosing the theme was fairly easy, I know I wanted an elephant involved some how.  That's how I came to the Circus theme... an event where elephants are always involved.  And if I ever encounter a circus without elephants then I wouldn't call it a circus.

Some of the prep for Corbin's party involved small toys and candy sealed with cellophane and twine with a little special thank you from the birthday boy.  Dumbo watched over the treat bags for us.

After making sure we had all the party favors together I had to bake the birthday boys cake.  Instead of paying for someone to bake his cake, I did.  I bought the supplies at Michael's to make his small cake with polka dots.

The cupcake toppers I got off of Etsy at TheBirthdayHouse, which made the homemade cupcakes that much better.  We had a balloon animal expert making all the little kiddos the best balloon animals ever, (Thanks Tim).  And my best friend, Brittney, came to help me set up and take down for this little ones party.  We actually had to sit in the gazebo from 10AM-6PM.  It was a first come first serve kind of gazebo, so we had to make sure that we were able to set up in one.  Corbin's party started at 3, so we were able to take our time decorating and preparing for the guests arrival.
The food was simple: hotdogs, individual bags of chips, water, and lemonade packets to make your water flavored.  We also had animal crackers, cotton candy, suckers, and peanuts on all the tables.  Because what sort of Circus is it without peanuts?


It was a beautiful day joined with wonderful friends and family that came to bless our little baby boy. As I'm writing this I'm looking at Corbin's 15 month old face and hoping and praying that time SLOWS down.  After he was born people would tell me that I should cherish this time because before I know it he will be turning one, or going off to school. BOY, were they right!  I can so wait until he turns 2. :)
A special thank you goes to Brittney with Beautiful Bliss Photography and Christina with Jolie Jade Photography for shooting this special day for me.

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Briony said...

looks like such a great day!

Fresh Mommy said...

Love it! I wish I could have been there ;)