38 Weeks

At 38 weeks... and  still going strong.  I haven't had very many labor signs, except for nesting... I have been nesting hard core... seriously!

38 weeks

Dear Corbin,
We found out this past week that you didn't want to get in the birthing position where your head is faced down and you wanted to be breeched.  It made Mommy a little sad at first but knowing that you could still turn and I could give birth naturally made it okay too.  I am still okay with either way as long as we get to meet you soon.  Two of our friends had their little ones this week so that makes me even more anxious to meet you my sweet baby.  We were also told that you weigh about 7 lbs already, your growing fast.  We have 2 appointments this week and then another on Sunday.   AND Aunt Brittney flies in on Saturday too, so we have a very busy week ahead of us.  This weekend has been full of nesting as well.  I got your bassinet all ready to go and all the needed supplies for my baby boy.  Can't wait for you to get here! I love you baby boy!



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