Being Pregnant is...

Amazing!  Even though I'm ready to pop I'm am still enjoying being pregnant.  Yes, I have my moments where I feel uncomfortable, but I am enjoying every moment of this pregnancy, YES! Every moment.  It's coming to the end of my pregnancy, little Corbin will be here Tuesday, May 22nd.  How do I know when he'll be here?  Well, that's because my baby boy is breeched, and he hasn't turned since we found out about a week and half ago. Meaning we are scheduled for a c-section, It was a shock when we first found out that he was breeched, mainly because this whole pregnancy I have been preparing for a all natural birth.  But, I guess Corbin had other plans.  I'm 100% okay with what we have to do to meet our little man, now I'm just super anxious because I know when he is going to be here.  It's very exciting...

Can't wait to meet you Corbin!!!!



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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read the good news of his arrival and how much hair he has:-)